Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Shed organized, last kitchen box dumped, chat with Sandy & Kathy? Karen?

Lovely day today. Woke before the lights went on at 7:30 but out of bed when the alarm went off at 8. Banana and egg. Facebook and all the news sites. Deleted ABC Las Vegas, they have sucky layout - one huge headline takes up the top half of the page. Very tabloid feel.

Did a lot of online shopping but no finding.

Organized the shed, and made several trips bringing the camping gear from the guest bedroom closet.

Sandy in 416 says the shed does need to be locked, there have been robberies. I ordered a new door knob, will install it when it arrives. Also time to call the handyman and see if he's back at work, the door needs to be fixed.

When I went outside to grab an amazon package, I met the couple in 418. Nice folks. Kathy or Karen and Al. I always get those names confused.

Put the long handle implements from yesterday's kitchen box dump into a shopping bag until the storage drawers arrive. Dumped the final box, found 5 old Hgl monitors. Spent too much time on One Touch's site discovering that there is no way to wipe their memories. There are places to recycle them, after the plague panic is over. Maybe before. What's still on the floor are sharpies and dry-erase pens. Most everything else has been thrown away or found its drawer.

The last of the moo shu for lunch.

With the boxes out of the way I was able to move Spook's food & water outside the kitchen, out of the pathway, and set up her deep dish water fountain. She likes both fountains about equally.

It also moves the trash bin to a more convenient location for me.

Delivered was the shower curtain which I hung in the guest bathroom. Spook checked it out. The tub is a favorite hiding place and changes to it must be approved.

Also delivered were 3 2-tiered 12" turntables. Two of them were set up on the outside rack, with the 10" spice turntables on top. The third will go on the bottom rack and will probably get spices from the large cabinet, so the large cabinet can be the wok closet. TBD.

Watched the usual stream on Twitch, plus a guy in Utah baking bread. Streamed from 7-8 with one regular chatting, and one troll who was headed off at the pass.

Watched NFL Live, many technical difficulties with the panelists streaming from their homes. Also watched Summer House mostly on FF because it has devolved into 80% drama, 15% brushing teeth and 5% scantily clad house mates. PTI was supposed to have resumed, but I missed it and it's not in the channel guide yet. Nova was something about cancer in Cuba, nuked it. Not interested at all, and frankly a waste of Nova's resources.

The last of the shrimp in lobster sauce for dinner. That's the whole Chinese order, except for 2 packets of rice.

Masked Singer is down to the final 8, of those 2 can actually sing, one can rap and one sang well his first time but not since. They guessed the unmasked singer - Rob Gronkowski. He can't sing, he can almost dance, and he's huge.

Spook plants herself in the middle of the livingroom rug and yells at me when she wants me to play with her with the fishing pole toy. When I'm done I plant it in the couch between the cushion and the arm, and she will play with it on her own there from time to time.

Drove to the mailbox and got the weekly flyer, with ads for stores I've heard of but have not seen around here. KFC has some specials. Kaiser sent me a bill saying I owe them nothing. Comcast sent a letter suggesting I contact Cox for service. Xfinity letterhead on top, Cox letterhead halfway down.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call AG
Call Alfonso
Maybe go for a drive

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