Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Got nothing done today

Spook was in bed with me most of the night, jumped off at about 4:30 when I made a pit stop, came back to help me read from my tablet at about 8:30. She's really liking dipping her paw in the trough fountain and also drinking out of it directly. Litterbox needs changing probably on Sunday in time for garbage collection. Need to order another 3-pack.

Banana and egg. Last of the week-old bananas. There's a newer bunch in the fridge. Finished a bottle of SodaStream piña colada (non alcoholic) and switched to lime soda for the rest of the day. I have lots of limes. Need to make more sodas. The empties take up too much space on the counter.

Watched NFL Live. PTI was not shown either at 2 or 5. Bummer. Maybe next week.

Popsrockz and Daily Drive Home on Twitch, then nothing to watch.

Put new batteries in the office weather station, now it shows outdoor temp & humidity. Right now 60° and 6%. Very dry. I've been using a lot of eye drops. 25% inside. Barometer is 28.26 which ought to mean rain, but not up here at 1600 feet.

Did not do anything planned for today except the chef knife blade covers arrived, so they are on the knives and the knives are on the Goodwill pile. Also added three ice cube trays to the pile. There may be a 4th one somewhere.

Put the new fishing rod and tackle in the shed. The rod was a mistake, it's 7' long and one piece.

Forgot to call Alfonso. Or AG. Or Cigna.

Moved the kitchen stuff off the floor into a box, away from in front of the thermostat.

Channel surfed, mostly watched 90 Day Fiancé, before the 90 days. Most of the couples are obvious mis-matches, they just want a green card. One is an outright lie - and the American man is too pigheaded to understand that when the girl is a no-show 4 times, he should just go home. There is one couple with potential, but the American man has not told the Russian woman he has been in jail. That's probably a show-stopper for getting a visa for her.

Caught a tiny bit of PD Live, but they are all virus today.

Streamed for an hour, only a few minutes of chat. Lots of followers, who have to wait a month.

Microwaved a turkey and bacon thing for lunch and ate a supermarket Asian salad for dinner. It's been in the fridge too long. Klondike "donut" bar with strawberry topping.

Plans for tomorrow:
Depends on what is delivered.
UPS says the music keyboard will arrive. Not sure where I'll put it.
It does not look like the kitchen storage has shipped yet.
Maybe spray the weeds. There's weed killer in the shed.
I should start working on the boxes in the guest room.

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