Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Two days

Did not post yesterday because not much happened and a friend in Spokane skyped me at about 10 pm and we talked for 3 hours. Well, she did most of the talking for the last 2 hours. Some people get on a roll....

Today was the usual morning except very high Hgl from staying up late and staying in bed later. Spook has decided the back corner of the master bedroom closet is her new hiding place. I had to remove 3 hangers out from under her. But now she's in the guest bathroom.

I ordered Thai food from Door Dash, enough for lunch and dinner for today and 2-3 more days I think. The chicken satay was not recognizable, no curry in the peanut sauce, no peanuts either. Cucumber side salad was a joke - I gagged on the vinegar. Or was it ammonia? Thai iced tea was good. Mango was not quite ripe, sticky rice needed sweetener. 

For dinner I microwave steamed half the rice and heated up half the duck basil dish. It was okay.

Instacart for some groceries, but half the items were sold out or substitutions. Ding dongs were on sale 3/$10 but they only had one left on the shelf.  No Kleenex of any description. This time I used Von's which is pretty popular around here but it's owned by Safeway.

The Yamaha keyboard was not delivered.

Garbage bin day, so I replaced Spook's litterbox cartridge and ordered another 3-pack. Moved the big bag of kibble and the bag of webcams into the shed.

The welcome committee arrived just as Instacart did. That was confusing. Welcome guy asked if I drank, because if I did the welcome gift bag would have alcohol in it. I declined.

The only unpacking I did was to move some mailing items to the rolltop desk.

Watched Episode 1 of The Loop on Amazon Prime. It was too dark. Lightning-wise, not so much plot-wise. This is the first time in ages I've used the Amazon Fire, and it needed to be unplugged and plugged back in to get it going. And batteries replaced in the remote.

No one, including me, was streaming.

Unpacked the American flag, attached it to the pole. It's way bigger than my last one. Lots of wind today, it made a lot of noise, but it just needed the clip holder rings closer together.

Watched Ancient Aliens and The Zoo.

Need to refill the meds container.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call Cigna, find a PCP and a cardiologist.
Empty some guest room boxes and fill the book cases and the photo/LP rack.
Call Alfonso
Maybe call AG and J

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