Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Stuff Done, Just not the stuff planned

Out of bed around 8, banana and egg, which once again I almost forgot to eat, too caught up in FB. And ordering things. Have to stop spending $$.

Wasted time on Tivo and twitch.

Finally updated my web page to show my new digs. scroll to the bottom of the page, click on the compass. Discovered that I have been reporting the wrong house numbers for my neighbors. Sandy is in 418 Al & Karen are in 416. The numbers go up toward the main street.

First surprise delivery was the two kitchen storage carts. So instead of working in the guest bedroom I cogitated on how I was going to configure them. Putting them on the ground side by side or even one on top of the other made the bottom drawers hard to reach. Flash of genius, move the dining room table to that spot, put the carts side by side on top of it. WIN!.

Next, load the utensils from the shopping bag into appropriate drawers. Move the electric bread knife blades in with the electric bread knife.

Move the 18" turntable with all the labeled spice jars to the top of the two carts and put the woks and slow cooker in that cabinet, along with the box of plastic containers.  The spices will probably eventually go onto the 2-tiered turntables on the rack.

In other news, I found the apple peeler (plus spare blade) and corer and mango corer.

Spook is seriously freaked out by the changes, but she is compensating by playing with a lot of her favorite toys.

Also found the Arlo cameras & their battery charger. When things get normal those will go to eBay.

Still have not filled the hummingbird feeder, or located a place to hang it.

Chatted with Baltimore sister, who has been quarantined with the garden variety flu/cold and pre-pneumonia. She was working from home.

Got the mail. It rained a little. There was a note from the Santa Clara County food stamp people giving me the contact information (which I already had and no longer need) for my case worker.

I set Tivo to record suggested programs for me, and it did. About 25 of them, only 2 were even remotely of interest, and one of those was from 2011.

Excellent Nova episode on bird intelligence.

90 Day Fiancé was FAIL after FAIL after FAIL, so I paused it and looked at the title, and it was FAILs. So that's gone.  It surprises me how many American women go for men from overly macho countries and think it will work. And how few American men get it that women from Philippines, Ukraine and Siberia are mostly looking for a ticket out of there. When I'm in Thailand looking for a wife, I know that's the deal, it doesn't bother me, it's part of the trade-off.

Also delivered was the electric piano, but apparently I ordered the one without the stand or power supply. It can run on batteries, but I ended up on Amazon ordering those items. 2 more weeks...

Lunch was the last of the basil duck & Thai iced tea, and dinner was the first of the seafood combo pot thai and the last mango & sticky rice . Yum!

Streamed for an hour, only one chatter, she dropped in during the final 10 minutes.

Plans for tomorrow:
Finish up the spices transfer
Maybe spend some time on the porch watching the rain.
Try to make some progress in the guest room - move some of the printer papers onto the office printer stand
Maybe pour out a box and go on a dig
Sodastream cartridges due to be delivered

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