Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

The more boxes are unpacked, the angrier at the packers I get

Up with the alarm this morning then fell back to sleep for an hour and a half. I found the happy spot in the raised head of the bed, quite a bit higher then I have been using.

Welcoming committee called, could they come over at 1? Sure.

Hgl still high, but lower than the last 2 mornings.

Banana and egg, which I remembered to eat just in time. Lately I have been setting them on top of the printer , checking email and internet, and forgetting to eat.

Lots of progress today in the guest room. Found my collection of my photo calendars randomly tossed into three different boxes. Put them in order and on the rack they came off of. Also in one of those boxes was the parental 78s and Broadway show 33 1/3 boxed sets, and LPs both parental and mine. They are now on the bottom tier of the rack where they belong.**

Also in that box was my Howard The Duck comic book collection (only the standard sized ones), which had come from a bookcase on the opposite side of the room.

Lunch was the other order of the worst chicken satay ever made. Even more salty and less edible.

Bob and Rocksie came over at 1, delivered a beautiful gift basket. Two cans of diet soda, cranberry juice, three small salty snacks, a packet of Swiss Miss, all in a very nice solid woven wood basket. We chatted for a while, they told me about a lot of the activities they have when there's no plague, said they would hook me up with a better handyman, and confirmed that Sandy the DDG neighbor next door, is indeed single. Bob said there were lots of single women in the park.

While they were chatting, Amazon delivered a cat brush, which Spook was thrilled to have me use on her. She also needs a serious claw trimming.

Watched Popsrockz until Gary came on with his ride home stream. No other people on my follow list so back to the guest room.

Found the framed ancestral photos in two different boxes, put them on the rack where they came from.

Recliner time to recover, brushed Spook until she got bored, watched Below Deck Sailing Yacht, more soap opera. The chef finally boinked the chief stew. The a-hole deck hand broke up with the 2nd and 3rd stews and invited his not-really-an-ex girlfriend to visit him there on Corfu. The married couple crew did not have the promised 3-some with 3rd stew. Very light on the guests this time, not a lot of air time. Probably had to do with the yacht being hired for a top model photo shoot.

Also watched/FFed through two rounds of NFL Live which packed 5 minutes of content into 2 hours. They are all ignorant of how very easy it can be to hold a virtual draft, with players and coaches in their individual homes. All these people have Skype and cams. Zoom is being used (big mistake, I think). It just needs a good video switcher and director at master control.

Shut off the Tivo recommendations feature, only 1 hit and 24 misses.

AG texted me that all Asians have 2% Neanderthal. I doubt it. None of those remains have been found east of Germany, and the DNA companies just tick that box when they see a person is from Asia or Europe.

Delivered was the short rack for the guest room. It was more cheaply made than the tall ones in the shed, but it fit in the closet and now holds my Penguin cases with camera gear, two boxes of dad's 8mm film reels, his projector, and a couple of portable Polaroid tripods.

I remembered seeing the slide projector in a box by the closet, but when I opened it the first thing I found was one of several photo slide binders, which went onto a bookcase, and then a few more of the parental Broadway LP sets. **and more calendars!!! Pissed me off so much I gave up for the night.

Meanwhile I flattened three boxes, and there is more guest room floor on display.

Final delivery of the night was from Bass Pro, a telescoping rod with pre-loaded reel, which will go into the car with the tackle (which is in the shed).

Watched Jennifer out in weather in Mississippi, I think. I just checked, she is now in Ohio - almost 2 am. Lightning.

No dinner, but a can of fruit cocktail for a snack. And Swiss rolls.

Plans for tomorrow:
More rain is due, so not going fishing
Maybe tomorrow will be the day the guest room is unboxed
Keyboard P/S due - I may make some music
Hope to hear from that other handyman
Call AG if I am up in time
Finish the Thai food - half a serving of combo seafood pot thai with peanut sauce. I should add curry.

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