Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

It's only Wednesday...

Another day with almost zero unpacking. There were lots of live streams and things on Tivo and I stayed in bed till 10:30 this morning. Well, I got out of bed at 8, took a leak and weighed myself and went back to bed and the Samsung tablet.

Banana and egg. One more banana left. I found the apple peeler and corer but have no apples.

Unpacking project completed - spices moved from the 18" turntable on top of the 3-drawer towers to the 2-tier turntables on the rack. 18" turntable moved to the top shelf of the rack and loaded with canned foods. Much easier now to find the cream of bacon soup vs. the cream of mushroom, and the various baked beans. And all those sardine cans I didn't know I had, and the chopped clams which I thought were tuna.

Moved two Broadway LP sets from the wrong box to the lower shelf of the guest room rack.

Nothing delivered today.

Took a couple of breaks to sit outside and watch the thunderstorm, but there was no thunderstorm, just wind and scattered dark clouds. As soon as I went back inside, it rained a few drops on the windows.

I opened the window shades in front of the computer, and snuck one of Spook's furniture pieces in front. She tried it out a couple of times, but the screens are thick so it's not the kind of view she's used to.

She got very energetic for a while with her toys in the livingroom.

 Today's phone challenge was to get an insulin prescription without being able to find, much less see, a doctor. Cigna, my new Medicare provider, was no help at all. They said to find a doctor on Medicare.gov, which I have tried to do but who wants to go to a doctor right now? So I called Mutual of Omaha Rx, my prescription provider, and got their finance department (the only number on the snailmail). Tried again with the number on their card, and they said there was nothing they could do.

Called Kaiser pharmacy, and they were helpful. They said I still had 3 refills left on my prescription, I should just call a local pharmacy, give them the Kaiser phone number and the prescription info, and they would transfer the prescription.  Walmart's pharmacy was on the ball last time I was there so I called them, and after a long hold time, a very cordial, professional woman understood the situation, asked for all the numbers, set me up with an account and text notifications and said she would call in for the transfer, and also see if they will transfer all my prescriptions.

So now I wait for a text saying it's ready for pickup. I'm guessing a week. And $450.

About 90 minutes wasted, 30 minutes productive.

Lunch was PNB&J, dinner was the last of the combo seafood pot tai, except all the seafood was eaten in the first go-round.

More storm chasing, and Vegas_penguin was online early.

Tivo, watched TMZ and Andy Cohen.  Oak Island was a joke. Once again they find nothing at the bottom of "the money pit" extremely expensive core dig. And again they mistake two or three old metal pins for important finds, where there should have been hundreds.

Looks like they are done for the season, except for the platitudes. Duck-billed platitudes. And just when I thought we would be rid of the annoying narrator, he shows up on Ancient Aliens. (Both are History Channel offerings). His name is Robert Clotworthy, and he also was the voice of Charlie on the last remake of Charlie's Angels.

In other news, my fingernails are disintegrating.

Plans for tomorrow:
Run the dishwasher
Launder the shirts (which means taking the sheets out of the dryer from last week)
Other duties as assigned

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