Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Power outage, Walmart Old Folks shopping, keyboard makes music

I think it was the POP when the power went out at 6:35 am which woke me up. I had been saying to myself all day yesterday that if I could get up in time, I should go to Walmart's old people hour and get Kleenex & hand soap. Also needed bananas.

Got there at 7:30, took about an hour because the Kleenex was on the other side of the warehouse from the hand soap. Got what I needed, sort of. No cube box facial tissues but I got the last 3-pack of regular sized Kleenex. Refill hand soap (64 oz?) from Dial and generic. Lots of fresh fruit, a few frozen meals.

The usual breakfast when I got home, took my meds, Hgl was high but lower than yesterday. Had to set the clocks in the microwaves and oven, and one in the livingroom which had a disconnected backup battery. The router needed to be rebooted too. And the sound bar had turned off and forgotten its volume setting.

Daily drive home was the only streamer today. Watched a bunch of junk on Tivo. Salad and turkey tetrazini for lunch, bigger salad, breaded fish fillets with Swiss cheese and tartar sauce for dinner, with seasonal fruit dessert. Needs a couple more days to ripen, though.

Streamed for an hour, only one chatter. One sorta troll came on complaining about my rules, so he's banned. My page, my rules.

Spook likes having the shades open, and used her new perch to watch the few minutes of drizzle we had. She was very playful this morning, chased her worm toy a bit, and batted her mouse around.

Delivered was a multi-use A/C adapter, plugged it into the Yamaha keyboard and it worked fine. The keyboard has some code numbers listed, but they don't always correspond to what comes up. Percussion is vibes, there is no harpsichord setting. I need to RTFM. Air Chorus sounded great playing She's Out of My Life. Still need the stand, not due to be delivered till weekend after next. Meanwhile keyboard's on a cart out of the way.

Got those misplaced calendars where they belong. dumped the rest of the box - what were those towels doing in there?

On Tivo was Summer House, this time with more exposed booty. And more exposed nastiness. There is one guy who is trying his best to be murdered in his sleep. 

Watched Masked Singer, I think they kept the right contestants. None of the four sang as well as they had previously.

Plans for tomorrow:
Sleep in
Try to empty more guest room boxes

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