Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Saturday, not in the park

Another blustery morning, but it cleared up and got to almost 90° in the afternoon.

The usual morning stuff at the normal time.

Unplugged the car, chatted with Sandy, then drove to the ATM to get some $$ for the handyman. Need to make one more trip because the job will cost more than my daily ATM withdrawal limit. There was no one in line when I made the turn, but then six cars and a pedestrian carrying a terrarium came in from the other direction ahead of me.

Some surprise streamers, storm chaser in FL, penguin in Vegas - confirming he was laid off, but he is still planning on moving to AZ- just waiting on funding. It sounds like he will go to trucker school, and when he qualifies will move to TX to work. Sad that he is not doing it on his own terms.

Many streamers out fishing, and it's a rabbit hole.

Thunderbirds were due to do a flyover at 2:30, so I went out on the porch to wait. Across the street neighbors were out too. 15 minutes later the jets appeared way on the other side of town, and circled around many miles from us. I got one quick picture of distant contrails. There were people on the park web site claiming they saw the planes right overhead, with red white and blue smoke. I wonder what they were smoking.

Started emptying a guest room box which had items from both bookcases and the rack. Highly annoying and exhausting carrying stuff all over the room. Hit a wall after 20 minutes and called it a day.

Finished the KFC cole slaw. Boiled a couple of franks for lunch (buns, sauerkraut and dijon).

Reheated some of the Walmart fried chicken with bamboo shoots and mushrooms. The shoots were shot, they will be disposed of. Cut up some strawberries and squirted whipped cream on them for dessert.

Streamed for an hour, nobody came to chat until the last 3 minutes, then several popped in but I ended almost as scheduled (+4 minutes).

Lots of facebooking.

Watched a 2-hour History channel thing on the missing books of the Bible. Very well researched but they needed to use less random "people in Jesus' time costumes" clips and stick to the identifiable characters. Interesting insight into Adam's first wife. The one before Eve. And a running theme that these books and stories were blocked from inclusion because they claim equality for women.

Andy Cohen was not worth watching.

90 Day Fiancé had a rerun with annotation that didn't help so I nuked it, plus a new episode. There is one couple which needs to break up, an older dumpy blonde American woman and a young Muslim Nigerian rapper. The over-siliconed CT woman walked out on the snarky Brit. They are both jerks, but do not deserve each other. It hurts to see how much poverty the Filippina lives in, and how her stupid short fat middle aged American is to not see he needs to take her out of that situation. The Siberian DDG woman probably won't be granted a visa because her American guy has a felony drug jail record. She can do better.

Plans for tomorrow:
ATM visit
more unpacking
weekly backup

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