Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

ATM again, Major rain storm with thunder, one more box emptied

Played on the Internet on my tablet in bed till after 10, so no breakfast. After checking email and FB and backing up the PC it was off to the drive-thru ATM, where I was stuck behind someone with short arms who had issues reaching the machine. But these ATMs let you choose 100's, 20' and 10's so I was able to score the exact change I need for tomorrow.

Home, email from CA food stamps that they put another $130 on my card. In theory I can use the card anywhere in the US, so I'll check it out next time I go to Albertson's. But I think I'm good for another week.

Finished the guest room box which had frustrated me yesterday. A miracle - after removing the LP set and 78s and putting them on the rack on the other side of the room, and tossing my Peace Corps Thailand welcome book onto the pile of PC-related stuff by the 2nd book case, the rest of the items were from the 1st book case bottom shelf, in order, though a few were upside-down. Slide notebooks.

Removed that box, flattened it and stacked it in the foyer. That was my unpacking for the day.

Lots of storm chasers and pretty much all my favorite streamers were online today. Used the multi-window function. Jenn, who usually misses the storm, drove right up to a tornado-damaged town as police and tow truck drivers chain sawed a couple of trees which had fallen across the road. Major damage to the town, apparently one death.

VegasDogLife and her guy were fishing at a pond up north when the rain started. A few minutes later there was major thunderstorm action and HEAVY rain here, I went onto the porch and driveway to watch. Videos on FB click click click . Waited for the storm on the porch with the last of the 3-fruit container.

Chicken in peanut sauce for lunch (frozen meal), fried chicken for dinner.

Streamed for an hour, had chatters all through, plus two visits from the child troll.

Played with Spook some.

Watched an episode of Ancient Aliens. It was a survey of all the different shapes UFOs have been seen in, with some amusing footage of an alleged aerospace company's failed attempt to build a flying saucer. It had training wheels.

Delivered were door bell buttons, but they did not work with the chime unit I have. Ordered a new unit. Also ordered a pair of weather stations. Brand X because Oregon Scientific no longer makes one with the features I want.

Plans for tomorrow:
Get up on time. Handyman may be here by 8.
J may Skype
AG may call
Maybe empty another box. 

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