Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Handyman Day 2, backdrop stand, busy chat

Up just after 6, clogged the toilet right off (still clogged, snake and 3 plungers not doing it).

The usual breakfast. Sam arrived a little after 7:30. Spent all morning on the shed door. It's usable, but his fix was ugly. I may have to get it redone. Front door fix did not work very well either. He says he's not a door person. After the plague is over I need to find a door person.

And a toilet person. Basically I need a higher capacity toilet. And maybe roto rooter.

Called AG but he was in a meeting.

Daily drive was the only thing on Twitch. Added Vanderpump Rules to Tivo. Lots of pretty women.

Macaroni and hot dog slices for lunch. Not real macaroni, though, it turns out to be twisty macaroni pasta. Close enough.

Dumped the laundry room box in the livingroom, put some things away, need to mount hooks for others. Box is flattened and put away. Found places to hang calendars. Lots of kibble and safety matches dumped in the garbage. Mason  jars added to Goodwill pile.

Mailbox run, a package with a weeder tool, and a letter from Nissan with a 3-month Sirius subscription - thanks for bringing my car into the dealer. Set that up. It ought to enable the car's remote connection. 

Streamed for more than an hour, lively chat with several regulars. Had the transporter room backdrop up. It took a lot of maneuvering - needed to be closer to me than expected. 

Plans for tomorrow:
sleep in
Watch some Tivo

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