Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic


Missed yesterday. Went to bed early. Been staying up too late.

Spending too much $$

Ordered a Trek bicycle, helmet, gloves, lock & lights. Went for a bike with a lower cross bar - I gave away my old bike because I couldn't get my leg up over the bar to dismount. Awkward.

Watching some streamers, but mostly they are not on. Some Tivo.

FB friends reminded me of the ABC Disney sing-along, I was surprised how well done it was, so many kids singing. The only clunker for me was High School Musical, which was way after my time and not, IMHO a musical classic. Sad that many of the original artists were not on, but everyone who stepped in did well. Nice to see old homie James I. doing his Aladdin thing. He went on to Hamilton. Donnie Osmond's kids FTW.

Instacart ordered for tomorrow. Probably won't get half the stuff, but maybe I'll get lucky with a morning shopper.

Fun Zoom meeting with RPCV singles. So sad that Congress has shut down the entire program. Monster under the bed stuff. PCVs are more resilient than that.

Streamed for half an hour, bailed when no one joined me.

Plans for tomorrow
Call Walmart pharmacy - tell them to hold off on the Pradaxa, I have enough for a while. Most of my other meds are free.
Instacart - be awake for the shopper's list of out of stock items.
Masked Singer and NFL Live on Tivo
Clean up the livingroom floor. Take out some garbage

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