Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Looking forward to taking out the garbage

The handyman dumped a lot of stuff in both the regular and recycled garbage bins, and I've already taken out two bags of trash and emptied one container of recycles. Looking forward to having that picked up Monday and being able to use my whole bins again.

Last night I took a pair of non-gel cold pills and the result was a good night's sleep and stumbling out of bed around 10.

Not a lot of streamers online. The usual breakfast, but late lunch of the last of the fried chicken and half a can of creamed corn. Chocolate ice cream sandwich for dessert, but also finished off a container of cantaloupe little by little through the day.

Watched Vegas Penguin streaming his pal Buck driving Penguin's Buick. But lost the signal.

Nothing accomplished in unpacking. Spent some time at the Yamaha keyboard, but need pillows on the chair. Or a taller chair. I have some.

Wanted to clean up the last of the stuff on the livingroom rug, but Spook has made a nest of it.

Oh wait, I did collect the box of glow light tubes and the stray one and put them in a kitchen drawer.

On Tivo were two unwatchable episodes of Andy Cohen, one 90 day fiancé rerun and one new episode. I am hoping the Nigerian rap star abandons his dream of marrying a rich old American woman. He can do better. OTOH, now that the handsome American has confessed his drug dealer conviction, his very pretty and smart Siberian fiancé seems to be on board. But I doubt if he can get her a visa with that background. I think the tall American stalker is about to understand he is being catfished by his alleged Russian mail order bride. To be continued.

Masked Singer was a farce. A sing-along of one on one previously recorded stuff. No one was unmasked. Poorly hammered together. I suspect the MC has caught a cold, he was conspicuously missing from the video.

Gold Rush has Parker being led to one poor choice of mining site after another in Australia. He really ought to be banging his guide. She has given some hints, but he is not on that wavelength. I think they would make a fine couple.

Plans for tomorrow:
The usual breakfast
Maybe more unpacking
Afternoon - move the car and wheel the bins to the curb. Get the mail.

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