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Did not go to the fishing hole. Did stay in bed watching videos on the tablet till 10, got a call from the bike shop asking when they could deliver the bike,, and set it for 2-3 pm. And also the garbage trucks were way late, at about 3 when there was no sign of the bike I pulled the car out and brought the garbage bins in. It only took two shakes for the concrete chunks to get into the truck, and the satellite dish went in one. I am impressed.

Spook has been pretty active. I opened the window over the sofa, and she liked that as a place to hang out. When she showed she was not impressed with the green worm being hung on the new toy, I hung the bright little pink fish on there, and she got more interested. She spent a lot of time embedded in the sheepskin rug, watching, but she also chased it a lot and pounced on it both when it was still and when it was moving.  It's a pretty smart toy - it goes dormant for long stretches and then re-animates. After dinner she yelled at me, in front of the green worm which was on the floor, so I hooked it back up to the fishing pole and we played for 10 minutes.

Delivered today was a package from USPS, the mailman didn't use the bell, he knocked. :-( In the package was a pair of replacement registers for the central air system. The one in the office broke, and this fit right in. The other will go to the shed for now, I'm sure there will eventually be another one which needs replacing.

The bike arrived at 4:20, it's very pretty, but without a helmet I wasn't going to try it out. Also needed to read the manual because I'm not familiar with the gear system. And the sky started leaking as I signed the paperwork. Put it in the shed, discovered it needs a kickstand. And a water bottle holder and a speedometer and a more comfortable seat.

Nothing in the mail today except a junk catalog.

By 5, it was pouring like mad, lightning and thunder within 5 miles. Rain here is different. The clouds are high, so the rain has more force than in Seattle or Sunnyvale, where the clouds are close to the ground. And it doesn't get as dark, even though the clouds are. And in a way it was like Thailand, pouring rain and still in the 70s. Barometric pressure actually went up.

Watched some Tivo, God Friended Me was a bit more strained than usual as the writers tried to make three of the subplots self-destruct at the same time. They also have a rule to resolve all romantic issues by the end of the episode. TMZ is much better now that it's a Zoom conference. Ditto NFL Live. ESPN is still saying PTI is on at 5, but it isn't.

90 Day Fiancé took a few baby steps forward. Old fat Christian Lisa made two more tries to get "Mommy" to give her blessing, but Mommy isn't buying it. Usman is handsome and talented and could easily find a better match. Maybe even a Muslim African-American woman who would love to bring him to America. The American guy who has been strung along by a Russian woman for 6 years turned into a stalker - looks like we get the final confrontation next time, but it's clear he's going home alone. American former drug dealer has been kicked to the curb by his gorgeous Siberian heart throb and her mom and brother. With a prison record there's no way he can get her a visa anyway.

Short chunky Ed doesn't get it that his Filippina girlfriend needs to be rescued from the slums. He's all hung up on the fact that her sister got him to send $$, and he doesn't know if his girlfriend was involved. As if it mattered.  The lesbians are a bad match to begin with. A very conservative, jealous American and a flamboyant, promiscuous Aussie. And finally, the gorgeous American woman who suspects her matchmaker "Australian" boyfriend is boinking his clients. He may live in Australia, but his accent and looks scream Arab. His name is Ash. 

Attended tonight's Zoom BASFA meeting. Several attendees were long distance, and some whom one would expect to be more tech savvy didn't have video or even placeholder photos. The Prez wouldn't come online, he said he didn't like the Zoom format. The VP did a great job.

Plans for tomorrow:
Take it easy
Make something with eggs. Bread pudding?

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