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Saturday comes on Monday

It feels like Saturday. The weekend was taken up with very non-weekend-ish things, I guess. Or maybe it's just being 2 days away from back to work.

Did some shopping, Orchard supply, Target, Fry's (to return something) and Bangkok Aquarium. Just happened to be playing Thai singer Tata Young's Hits CD as I drove up. 

In line at Fry's, ahead of me is a Sikh in his 30's, and he is all over a tall slender woman in an almost skin-tight pull-over top and tight black pants. Stunning figure from the back, long thick black hair, and she kept going up on her toes and back down again (she was wearing flats, and the two of them are the same height). It showed off her firm little butt, and the fact that she was wearing a thong. Yummy. Very fine hands, and light skin, definitely not Indian. When she turned to the side I could see she was oriental - probably Japanese, judging from the long narrow face and long nose. He was being very proprietary, she wasn't returning it. Interesting is she was returning a DVD, but he was holding the credit card. Very strange couple.

At the aquarium I bought some fish - four female bettas, another Bala Shark, a couple of dark catfish and a male betta. I wanted to test the theory that in a 32-gallon tank, maybe the two males would stake out territory and not kill each other. Also, they tend to breed more when there is another male in sight.

Late afternoon I went back to Janice's and gave her Steve's email list and Quicken file. Something was wrong with the Quicken web site, it wouldn't upload the file for them to de-password. I went over to Steve's condo and tried to crack the password with the boot CD I bought, and though it looked like it was working, it didn't open up the machine. I'll go back again this weekend, and maybe just take the RAID drives and controller home and put them in my PC and access them as non-boot drives. The boot CD had a program which let me see the files, but only in DOS mode, which is tedious.

Got home and found my new Blue Cross ID card in the mail. It should have been there Friday. They left the apartment number off, but my mailman knows me, so that would not have delayed it. They also sent a letter saying they could not assign me my choice for medical group, so they put me with a doctor in San Mateo, 40 miles from my home and in another county! I phoned their customer service but the young woman there was clueless, and was unable to assign any doctor to me. I went online and tried, and found their system is just plain broken. They use a 7-digit physician ID, but the program only wants 6 digits. Wednesday I'll go to the clinic and have them sign me up, or find out why.

Janice gave me Steve's PlayStation2, which I set up after dinner and was not surprised to find a Lord of the Rings game in there. I don't think he had any other games, and it was clear from the dust and the corroded batteries in the wireless controller that Steve had not used the PS2 in ages. The audio for the game is super, the graphics are okay, but I think I need to read the help file to find out how to move the characters. Frodo, in this case. I prefer first person shooters, maybe I'll hit Blockbuster and rent something.

Rounded off the evening watching Ice Pirates on DVD. Peter Urich was pretty hot back in his youth. Mary Crosby wasn't bad, but I liked Anjelica Houston better just a tad bit. Cheap but adequate special effects, obvious rip-off of Mad Max which they went to great lengths to spoof. Nice mindless entertainment.

Speaking of which, ex-wife Marilyn called, we're going to see Superman Returns tomorrow - one of the earlier shows. I've decided not to do anything to celebrate the 4th. Right now the country does not deserve to be celebrated.

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