Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

More boxes flattened, but not the moving boxes

Lazy morning, got out of bed around 11. Spook came in around 10 and meowed and purred at me, but gave up after a few minutes.

Hgl was high but much lower than the last 2 days. Gained a pound. BP was a little low.

Banana and egg breakfast was re-labeled lunch. Lunch was Banquet spaghetti and meatballs, but was re-labeled as dinner. Popcorn somewhere in between.

Mostly drank lime soda, fresh squeezed limes. Finished the cola yesterday and the pina colada mix today. After taking my night time meds I made up all the sodastream bottles. Almost time to open the new box of chargers (no exchanges at Walmart last time).

Delivered early was a solid box, banded and glued shut (had to slice it open) with the car bike rack. Took it outside, fitted it to the car and then threw it in the back. Did not try to load the bike on it.

Into the shed, liberated the bike lock and its keys. Turned the bike upside down to get the S/N, and locked it up. Put one key on my fob and the other in the kitchen drawer. To do: install the head and tail lights.

Did not take a ride because no helmet and no comfortable seat. And it was looking like rain. We didn't get much, just a sprinkle, but lots of wind.

Delivered later were two big boxes containing smaller boxes containing wi-fi controllable floor fans. Set one up in the livingroom, got it talking to Google and Alexa, then set up the second one and put it in the bedroom. The non-wi-fi fan from the livingroom will probably be donated.

Watched NFL Live,  still no PTI. But it's on Youtube. I'll have to catch up.

Spook continues to enjoy the sofa perch to look out the porch window. And the new toy is sometimes played with and sometimes just observed from the comfort of the sheepskin rug.

Streamed for more than an hour, had two chatters talking.

Plans for tomorrow:
The last banana and the first of the remaining bag of HB eggs
Try to empty two boxes of boxes in the guest room
Play the piano
There should be storm chasers streaming
Whatever is on Tivo
Catch up on PTI on YouTube

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