Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Hot day, not much done. Helmet & gloves deivered

Up before the alarm, lost some weight, Hgl was low. Klondike bar helped. Showered after.

Breakfast was the last banana and the first HB egg from the bag. Considered going shopping but not worth it just for bananas and red food coloring.

Started with good intentions, but only managed to pull one box out - the roomba box, and I put the roomba in it.

Lots of things to watch on TV. Daily drive on Twitch, and some guy in NC fishing for sharks. But mostly nothing on the PC. Forgot to see if PTI was available on YouTube via Tivo. It should be.

TMZ x 2, Andy Cohen, NFL Live, and Oak Island. Once again stupid cockney guy thinks one piece of metal equals treasure.  And the brothers think hunks of wood mean treasure is close by. And a hidden tunnel under a no longer standing house means treasure is nearby. They should just nuke it from orbit and be done.

Speaking of orbit, watched SpaceX launch a rocket, and the return of the booster was spot on target. LOUD cheers from the workers. I am amazed at how well this technology is working.

In other news my fingernails are a mess, there is almost no acrylic left and the tips are disintegrating. I need to clip the nails very short. The nail parlors can't open soon enough.

Spook loves the sheepskin rug, and embeds herself while she watches the new toy. But she also lays out in the middle of the livingroom rug, and this morning she was hiding in the guest room behind a box.

Keyboard stand was delivered yesterday but there's no place to put it. I should call the garbage folks about removing the boxes from the foyer.

Bike shop called, the helmet & gloves arrived, so they delivered them.

Thought about ordering door dash or grub hub, but it's all too expensive. And I was too late. 

Went to the mailbox, the check from the moving company was there. Just the check, no letter or anything. Used mobile banking on my phone to deposit it.

It got up to 98° under the bush in front of the house, but "only" 89 at the airport.

Replaced the battery in the ear thermometer (indicator was on)  but my temp is still normal.

Streamed for a little more than an hour, several friends joined in, as well as a new person from south Seattle. Skyline, which is the top of Renton Avenue, above where my family lived.

11 pm went outside to see the sky - I haven't done that since I moved here. But even with no moon and much less city lighting, it was not very dark.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call the garbage folks
Call the prescription company, they are complaining about two drugs not on their formulary. They could use generics and not bother me. This is not the time to see a doctor.
Maybe make some more progress in the guest room.
NFL draft starts at 5 PDT. Should be a hoot.
Masked Singer is waiting on tivo

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