Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Very short shout

Up at 9, just in time for the NFL draft. Breakfast was a HB egg and assorted fresh fruit.

Google and Alexa have been tuning to the wrong channels on voice commands. Turns out the Logitech Harmony remote which relays the commands was still set for Comcast stations. Cox has an entirely different scheme. I had to delete Tivo from the Harmony and re-add it.

Spook's new toy again got stuck in a corner, when I found it behind the TV, Spook was lying next to it with her butt on in. In other news she jumped up onto the recliner foot rest for brushing. 

At about 3 I was fading, so took a nap. Spook relocated to a pile of stuff on the guest room floor.

Up at about 6:30, feeling wobbly and disoriented. Naps do that to me.

Did not go out at all today.

Lunch was Banquet spaghetti and meatballs, strawberries and whipped cream. Dinner was the leftover lobster Alfredo and the leftover chocolate cake.

NFL draft was a mess. They tried to be too many things in not enough time. Way too many PSAs for NFL's Covid relief and PSAs thanking all the people on the front lines. Meanwhile the draft announcements were coming way faster than they could put them on the screen, partly because they wasted a lot of time showing photos and clips of every relative of every draftee who ever played a sport in this lifetime or the last three. I really don't care that your grandma played tennis at Michigan. They also missed announcing most of the times teams traded up in the order. There were about 40 of those.

Almost every member of the LSU team was drafted. Look for the Tigers to be crap next year.

Temps outside got up to 101° on my sensors, but only 93 at the airport.

I'm out of black olives and will be out of fresh fruit and salad greens soon. I may need to go shopping.

Plans for tomorrow:
Catch up on Tivo
after dark, take out the garbage & get the mail
Take care of that last box in the bedroom

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