Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Take-out (the garbage)

Mixed fruit and HB egg for breakfast. Nibbled on PNB all morning so no lunch except salad.

Watched a few streamers, one who had not been out of the house in a month going golfing with a friend. He had his stream set up to take bets on how many strokes each hole would take.

Firefox on the tablet was becoming too much of a rabbit hole so I deleted all the history nd cookies and the app.

104° most of the day, 80 inside, Spook was not comfortable, she found places on the floor to curl up. She also meowed at me for treats and sheba, and got up on the recliner foot rest and almost onto my lap to be brushed.

On Tivo, Masked singer was back to the regular format, but then followed with virtual follow-up which could have waited till the end of the series. If they got to the end of the series. Maybe they didn't.

Hot dogs on buns with mustard & sauerkraut with baked beans. Decided I don't like Bar S all-beef hot dogs.

Skyped with J for more than an hour, tried my USB headset, but it lost connection after an hour. Ordered a bluetooth adapter for the PC so I can use my noise canceling headphones. Way too many things on order.

Streamed for an hour, people showed up to chat halfway through.

Wheeled out the garbage bins after sunset. It was still 89F.

Plans for tomorrow:
Two episodes of God Friended Me.
Bring in the garbage
Shed time: install kickstand, lights, tool kit, wide seat on the bike.
Maybe take the bike out for a ride.
Albertson's shopping - try out EBT card


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