Locked Out

Windows 10 glitched and locked me out of my account, so I had to reset the OS. The good news is it didn't affect my 10Tb drive, which has all the photos, downloaded apps and such. The bad news is it lost my Outlook files which I thought I'd put on the big drive, but apparently not. I can recover most of that from my laptop, but not all since I wasn't as meticulous about filing email on that machine, 

I'm also locked out from my usual LJ editor, too many bad passwords, it says though I thought I used the same one I used to log in via Chrome. Chrome also kept a lot of my links, but from a year ago.

So, yesterday was wasted in resetting the PC. An hour wasted on the phone with Microsoft Tech Support, which connected me with a "not my pay rate" bozo who said he was transferring me to a real techie, but instead he sent me back into the callback queue, which called me back in 10 minutes and gave me another bozo, who did manage to transfer me to a techie. But she had me download a "wipe out your system" file, when all I needed to do was go into safe mode (she reminded me how to do that at the start of the call) and run "reset".

After 40 minutes on the phone some alarm went off and she said she had to hang up and would call me back in half an hour. She never did. Which is when I found the reset feature.

Priorities are to get Quicken (I have a data backup on USB), Photoshop (I may or may not still have the license key) and re-create shortcuts to calc, charmap, and paint. And my Streamlabs OBS streaming software. Skype went on with Windows but using the wrong handle. Zoom should go on too though it works better on the laptop (better camera).

I thought I was covered by having recent backups to my external drive with Acronis2020 software, but every try at recovery ended with a crash and a core dump. I'll have to contact their support about that. There's still hope, since I was able to recover some of the Program Files/Windows files.


Lots of dead time while Windows cranked, so I watched NFL Live, a few episodes of 90 Day Fiancé, Zoo (interesting rescue of a "swamp" wallaby from a NYC apartment), TMZ, plus some random channel surfing. TWC was useless as they are on any given Sunday. There was a detailed, but days old, presentation on the state of Las Vegas virus by the head of UNLV medical center. Bottom line is out of 40,000 tested only 12% were positive and a very small percentage of those needed hospital care.

It got up to 104° in my front yard yesterday (the sensor is in the shade under a bush). Official high temp at the airport was 96. 


Delivered was: brackets to hang hummingbird feeders

Robot Vac Roborock S4 Robot Vacuum -still in the box, got distracted. :-(

Plans for the rest of today:

Create a recovery USB drive for Windows

Copy the Outlook pst files from the laptop to the PC and reconfigure the email accounts

Maybe unbox the vacuum and sic it on the livingroom rug. 


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