Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Faster, after reset. But a PIA

The usual breakfast - bananas in the house again. Woke up at 7:30 but just stayed there for 15-20 minutes.

Back to using Seamagic LJ editor - PC needed a reboot before it would work, and it finally was able to log in with my correct password.

Very warm today, Spook was not happy about it, spent a lot of her time plopped down in odd places.

Seamagic is giving me a hard time with fonts.

As planned, I was able to set up Outlook with the accounts I want using the pst file I want. This time it's on the big drive. They have made a huge improvement in adding accounts - my GoDaddy email addresses used to require a lot of massaging, changing ports and such, but Outlook figured them all out just by my email addresses. Gmail needed me to authorize Microsoft apps to log into it, and complained about non-secure apps, but they just want more business for themselves.

Did not unbox the robo vac.

After the sun went down I went to get the mail and was surprised with three deliveries. The weather station was expected but the bluetooth dongle and food coloring both from Amazon were not.

It's still 80F out there and 83 in here.

A long time ago I promised I would actually buy programs when I could afford them. Could not find my old Photoshop serial numbers, and Adobe had a sale with it bundled with Lightroom for $20 a month. I don't need or like Lightroom, but $120 a year for Photoshop seemed not so bad.

Streamlabs OBS came up okay, Quicken restored from backup and I was able to massage Chrome back to mostly what I had it doing. Need to install ad blocker and video blocker.

Getting real tired of the mindless mask nazis on Facebook. If you're not symptomatic they are useless. And after watching friends go through chemo, Prez asking if disinfectant might be a cure seemed like a reasonable question. He did not suggest that people actually do it, the media did that. He just asked. But the hate is mindless.

Lunch and dinner were both cold - lox, cheese, herring for lunch and a large salad with a can of tuna and an HB egg added. Strawberries and grapes in whipped cream for dinner dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:
Try to stay cool
Set up the vac

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