Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Another scorcher, lots on TV & Robo vac setup

Back to my bad habits again this morning, not up & dressed till after 10. Banana & egg, checked email & FB.

Rock hound was out on the lake by his cabin in the hills of Utah, fishing. Great scenery. He caught a big trout. No storm chasers, and daily drive was delayed an hour. He's on a new work schedule and gets to leave an hour later. And this time he forgot to turn on his stream for 15 minutes. Started in the emergency lane on the main road.

After that I watched what was supposed to be a manly man's stream, but his girlfriend took his gear and his boat and was on the lake without him. It was a very pretty lake and she caught a keeper.

Lunch was assorted cold stuff.

Watched some TMZ and Kardashians. I was prepared to hate that show but I really like it. Not nearly as snarky as most Bravo shows. Andy Cohen had Jennifer and Oliver Hudson on, I forgot their mom is Goldie Hawn. Still to be watched 2x NFL Live, Summer House and Masked Singer.

Streamed for an hour, maybe 1/4 of that had people chatting.

Set up the Robo vac. Amazon shipped it in a huge box, a total waste because it came in a box within a box as it is. There was nothing in the manual about Alexa or Google connections, but found those online. But after the first success neither one could reach the vac. I set it loose via the app, and it's been all over the house except for the livingroom. Spook is mildly interested. **

On the community's FB page someone mentioned Goodwill, so I looked on the web and was surprised to find they are accepting donations at all their Vegas stores. The stores are closed but donation stations are open.There's one about 2 miles up E Tropicana Ave.

Delivered by USPS was the speedometer & bottle holder for the bike.

Dinner started with a salad, then I forgot about a main course and went straight to ding dongs and strawberries and whipped cream.

Oak Island ended as expected with no major treasure discovery, and despite the fact that they have zero evidence to support it, they agreed to try again next year.

Found a program called XSplit which does a very good virtual background with no green screen required. $35 seemed reasonable to get it without their huge ugly watermarks. It works well. I spent some time grabbing various backgrounds from my photo files.

Temps got up to 104 again here, "only" 99 at the airport.

**I just used the app to have it start a new session in the livingroom "zone". Seems to be working.

Plans for tomorrow:
Gather the Goodwill pile, get it into the car and donate it.
Other duties as assigned
Maybe stop in somewhere for milk and cooking sherry.
Masked singer

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