Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Lots of driving, lots of WIN

After breakfast, gathered up all the Goodwill stuff. Four trips to the car with that. Now the space in front of my file cabinet is clear. Yay.

Drove to Goodwill, they had a space to drive to with one of those rubber hose things which let them know inside someone is out there.  Man brings out a bin, I put all the things in it, he takes the bin inside. No contact, cool. A couple of stupid ugly women park two spaces in front of me in a handicapped space and cross in front of me as I am trying to pull out. They are carrying a single lounge pad each.

A Walmart is in the next section of the mall, I go inside and wait for 15 minutes for customer service to tell me they don't have sodastream cartridges, I need a superstore. All of them are listed as superstores, but I let my GPS find one. A bit of a drive, huge one near the airport. 3 minute wait, "how many do you want?". I had 2 to exchange. WIN. Forgot to get more cola syrup.

Home, it's still before 11. Online stuff, and Tivo has some stuff. Nosh on trail mix. Watch VegasDogLife streaming her bike ride on the strip with her guy.

Daily drive home is now an hour later.

Out again, this time to CVS. The big sign said they were out of alcohol wipes, but I found several boxes of the pads I use for blood sticks, bought two. Got some dark chocolate, cheese-its were on sale, no half gallons of 2% so bought a gallon. Rang for the booze gate to be opened, got Southern Comfort and Malibu coconut liquor. Forgot to get sherry (the wines are outside the cage). 

Very awkward checking out with the splash screen, and with some bozo chatting up the cashier. He had bought a pack of cigarettes and wanted to stay the night.

Home, saw that I'd bought too much acetaminophen.  I had grabbed two 100 count and then saw the 225 count was a lot cheaper, and grabbed that but forgot to put back the 100's. The plan is to pour about 100 into the nearly empty container in the kitchen and keep the rest in the bathroom.

Putting away the milk, saw I had two half gallons, I thought I was down to one. So will be drinking a lot of milk. Sodas don't go bad. Milk does. Some of it will go into bread pudding.

Streamed for an hour, Cat and Nola both joined in. Nice to introduce them. Both lovely people, both dog lovers. I think cat will tune into the drive home.

Spook wrapped herself in the backdrop again. she likes it there when I'm on the PC.

Moved the broken fan to the foyer, moved the subwoofer next to the left speaker, plugged it in and connected the coax cable. It thumps pretty good. ESPN has a thump track beneath all their football clips. Annoying.

Watched Masked Singer. I cannot believe they sent home Astronaut, who sings well, and kept Frog who is a high energy fast talker who cannot sing at all.

Beef teriyaki steamer bowl after salad for dinner. Chocolate ice cream dessert.

No deliveries today.

Plans for tomorrow:
Empty the robo vac. It's non-intuitive how to pop the lid.
Try to run it on a zone which only contains the livingroom rug
Maybe work on the bike.
Watch Summer House

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