Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Two days for the price of one

Friday I crashed hard at about 11 pm, straight to bed, almost forgot to put my breathe-right strip on. Fell asleep quickly.

It started as a normal day, there was a storm chaser out in a hail storm, this is someone who had been ill with flu-like symptoms and isolated himself all month. His first time chasing a storm since then. Good to see him out and about.

I missed the daily drive home because he left 2 hours early, after posting he would be an hour late. :-(

I had a quiet stream, a couple of strangers joined in for a few minutes then bailed.

My friend Nancie had done a bread pudding recipe a few days ago, at about 6 I got off my butt and pulled the loaf of challah out of the fridge which has been there for a month. It was still good, and not fresh, so perfect for bread pudding. I followed the recipe, except I was out of vanilla so I used rum. Also, the recipe was for 6 slices of bread and I had about 20. So I increased all the things. Used best of the egg, since I only had 6 eggs left. Not really, I just wanted to use the liquid eggs. No reason. Nancie's included strawberries, so I quartered a handful, also sliced in a banana. And finally a can of fruit cocktail which had the apricot bits I love in New Orleans bread pudding.

I used an 8" square glass pan and a 9" shallow glass pan. Baked at 350° for 45 minutes, but added another 10 for the higher altitude.

Cut a slice from the 9" pan, and it was awful. Too many eggs, the strawberries were big and acidic, and it was more like bread than pudding. Stored the FAILure in the fridge.

Woke up this morning knowing what to do to repair the bread pudding. After my morning routine, I pulled the two pans out of the fridge and dumped the contents into the huge mixing bowl (after washing it). Added a couple of cups of milk, and used the hand-held electric mixer to beat it into pudding consistency. Washed the square pan and sprayed it with cooking oil, and poured as much of the pudding mix into it as it would take. Too much - scraped off some so it only came up to the top, and took a glass bread loaf pan out of the closet, sprayed it and put in the rest of the batter. It only just covered the bottom.

Both went into the oven at 350°, the small pan covered in foil, for an hour. Took out the small pan, uncovered it, cook for another 20 minutes. The square pan was still wobbly, it went in a third time for another hour. It's still a little wobbly but I figured that's okay for pudding. And the oven was making it way too warm in the house.

I ate most of the bread pan contents during the day, it was lunch. The square pan will stay in the fridge tonight. I need to pour some rum over it. Disappointed that I forgot to add walnuts. But now it looks like pudding, the strawberries are small pieces and will blend in. I have plenty of whipped cream.

Watched some streamers. Crabber was out, storm chaser too. Several people in boats or kayaks fishing. One fellow in Santa Rosa out walking. Nice guy, a chatter magnet.

I joined a Zoom meeting of RPCVs, but left to do my stream, which was a mistake because I got hit by the troll several times, and no chatters. When I returned to the zoom meeting no one was there. :-(

I fired up my stream again, but no chatters

The park said they were opening up shuffleboard and pickelball, but requiring masks on everyone, including visitors, who must also stay behind the fence. Stupid. I wanted to go and take photos but won't.

Nothing delivered.

Ordered path lights from Home Depot and vanilla from Amazon

Plans for tomorrow:
Storm chasers and fishing streams should be on
I need to make a banana run - Maybe I'll go to Ranch 99. Lobster is on special. And they may have lamyay. Probably still out of rice.
Evening big project - move all the boxes out of the foyer and out to the curb for bulk pickup. The broken fan will also go. It's going to be warm. But not as warm as tonight, the forecast says.

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