Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Ranch 99 FTW, scenic route home FAIL. Front room is mostlly empty

No bananas this morning, so after grapes and egg, hopped in the car and drove about 7 miles to Ranch 99 Asian supermarket. Security would not let me in without a mask, so I used my bandanna. It was hella uncomfortable.

Bought a live Maine lobster, had it steamed. While that was happening, did some shopping. My favorite Thai tea was on sale so I bought 10 cans. Also bought a whole roast duck. They had lots of rice, found a pair of 5-lb bags of Thai Jasmine. Score! Fish sauce, oyster sauce, sesame balls (which I had for lunch when I got home). Bananas and lamyay.

On the drive home I thought I could just follow the road to the strip, and get to Tropicana Ave, but no, the road loops around the soccer stadium and you can't get there from here. GPS wanted me to turn left before that, but I was i the right-hand lane and there was no left for a mile. Took me onto the freeway and what should have been a 20-minute trip was about half an hour and sucked a lot of battery. I need to reprogram the GPS to avoid freeways.

Watched a pair of storm chaser in NE, one on each side of a huge storm. Kind of neat.

Skyped with J for about an hour, streamed for an hour, only 2 chatters and they disappeared early.

8:30, finally cooled down to 80°, started wheeling boxes from the front room to the curb. Easier than it could have been because the front door has a ramp. But my dolly could only handle two or three boxes at once, so it took a lot of trips. The worst part was the flattened boxes which were all different sizes.

Done around 10, took a couple of short breaks with Thai tea and ice. Each time I came back from the ramp, Spook was lying in front of the screen door. She figured out that she needed to get out of the way of the cart, after a few near run-overs.

There will be more in 2 weeks. Hope to get motivated to work more on the guest room. Still lots of boxes in there. Keeping my fingers crossed that the winds don't pick up. And that the garbage truck can get all of this stuff.

Late dinner duck on rice. Thai iced tea.

Watched another 90 Day Fiancé episode. So sad. Two people who are being scammed refuse to believe the evidence. Short fat no-neck Ed is being scammed too, but Rose is very clever and may change his mind about having that vasectomy. She really wants to make American babies. Tom has ditched his phony silicone inflated Darcy and has rekindled the relationship with the woman he cheated on her with. Frankly, it's a much better fit, she genuinely likes him. Ash is self-destructing - Avery needs to go home ASAP. He's a fraud, she can do much better. Varya is also a great catch, Geoffry proposed to her but we have to wait for her answer. It doesn't matter, really, because either way he's going home alone. I think his prison time will disqualify him from the 90-day visa. And the phony romance between Usman and Lisa hit a roadblock because she did not bring a copy of her divorce decree - and she is blaming him. She can probably get a copy online, unfortunately the producers will get that to her. I really don't want this marriage to happen.

Plans for tomorrow:
See if the bulk garbage pickup happens. Across the street neighbors put out a couple of items, so I think I have the right day.
Plug in the car
Lobster for dinner

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