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Last night it took about 90 minutes to wheel/carry all the boxes from the front room, down the ramp and onto the curb. It was a lot of work, but mostly it was walking. The boxes are not very heavy. And it was cool outside with a breeze.

I woke up a little after 7, and the pile was still there. Went back to bed, when I looked out at 11:30 it was all gone.


I watched a couple of storm chasers, they were mostly finding rain but not hail or lightning. The Weather Channel when I tuned in at 5:30 was playing their stupid tow truck show. There's weather 24 hours, you ought to do better than just 10. And don't be so Atlanta centric.

Two 90 Day Fiancé episodes were reruns. NFL Live was, ironically, all in memory of Don Shula. And that was the only Tivo fare.

I tried to watch some Animal Planet but it was not about animals, it was about homesteaders in Alaska. Not interested. Unsolved Mysteries or something like that was marathoning, and was basically just Mysteries At The Museum retooled.

VegasDogLife and her guy launched the boat on Lake Mead and I watched them fish for a while.

8 pm BASFA Zoom meeting was fun. Many of us ex-pats called in, something I will miss when they return to normalcy. I don't think they will or should continue online after they start meeting in person again. Except maybe to live stream, listen-only.

Lunch was bread pudding. One cube, the remaining 9 went into zip bags and into the freezer.

For dinner I made a salad, and then cut and steamed the lobster, melted some margarine and dug in. Nutcracker & fondue fork worked. Threw pieces to Spook from time to time. Lobster is the only human food I know of which she will eat as much as I give her. Crackers, cheese, even tuna she will accept the first two pieces and then ignore anything further.

With the boxes out of the front room, I sent the new robot vac to go over the area. And also had it clean the livingroom rug. Spook was thrilled to have the extra play space, for about 15 minutes, then went to her usual favorite places.

Delivered was the two bottles of Mexican vanilla and the Trek kickstand.

The car is plugged in and charging slowly.

Plans for tomorrow:
Install the kick stand and the lights and bike seat.
Maybe actually ride the bike
There's still a lot to be done in the guest room

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