Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Cooler today, so some bike progress

I can haz bananas!
After checking email and FB and seeing nothing on twitch, took the kickstand and bottle holder to the shed and installed them. I got too hot to continue, so the other stuff needs to wait. Now that there's a kickstand I can bring the bike out of the shed to work on it. The carport is cooler.

I need to view some videos to figure out how the seat comes off. It's not obvious.

Inside, PopsRockz was streaming his fishing in the scenic Utah mountains. And Spook disappeared. Looked all over the house twice, finally found her under the bed.

Almost started organizing in the guest room, but I need some larger manila envelopes. The movers tore the ones holding my misc. travel souvenirs - bus tickets, maps, etc.

Nothing delivered, though UPS was supposed to bring two packages.

Installed tiktok on my phone. Not worth it.

Took all the stuff out of the back of the car, found a pair of shoes, a folding cane, a tube of SPF25, a Walmart cold stuff bag but no electric screwdriver.

Tivo - two episodes of 90 Day Fiancé which predate the ones I've been watching, but only 3 of the couples are ones I've seen, the others are new to me and all but one appear headed for disaster. Four inane Oak Island entries were deleted. All of the "Top 10" things. IMHO the show is so without substance that they can't legitimately find more than Top 1, and maybe not even that. NFL Live was good, but having a lot of sloppy tech from the at-home participants. This should not happen on ESPN. Andy Cohen had chef and captain from below deck sailing yacht. Many questions answered and some secrets revealed. Andy is a poor man's Chris Harrison, sort of.

Dinner was duck and a couple of slices of oat nut bread. Forgot to make a salad. Banana & strawberries in whipped cream for dessert.

Went outside but between an almost full moon and some high overcast, no meteors seen. Venus looks like a torch. I left the front door open (screen closed), Spook camped out in front of it.

Masked Singer is recording, I'll watch tomorrow.

DMV web site says they are open. I left a message for them to call me back with an appointment. Pissed because you would think they would have notified me what with them having canceled two appointments.

Plans for tomorrow:
Gather my meds
Doctor at 2:15 (closer to 2, I think)
Stop off on the way back probably Target, for manila envelopes, electric screwdriver, batteries and charger and 2%. And SodaStream diet cola.
Maybe change the bike seat or install the lights.

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