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Mister Eclectic

Bike seat, New patient paperwork, His name is Adel

One reason I picked Adel Shehata is medicare.gov lists the doctor as female. From the surname I thought Japanese. After making the appointment I did a search, and he's male, born & educated in Egypt. More on that later.

Up at 7:15, alarm went off while I was in the bathroom. Meds, then banana & egg & lime soda?

Out to the shed while it was a cool 76F outside. Brought the bike out to the carport, about half of the carport was in the shade. Removing the post which holds the bike seat was easy, just needed a small allen wrench. The seat was hard to remove from the post. First I had to loosen the rear reflector which was blocking the seat's fasteners. Went into the house to get a philips screwdriver for that.

A larger allen wrench was included in the seat tool kit to remove the seat. But the screws had been installed with an air compressor and then painted over, so it took a lot of muscle and leverage and patience to loosen them. Got the seat off, and the replacement was a PIA too. It was set up to go directly on the post, but the Trek seats go onto an adapter which slides along rails. Once again, the screws were applied industrially and painted over, needed brute force to pop that assembly out.

And once in place, the rails are pitched wrong for the Trek, the seat points up at the sky. I adjusted it as far as I could but it still doesn't look right.

Opened the box with the lights, turns out they are USB rechargeable, so I set them to charge on the power strip I use for the car charger. The mounting scheme looks iffy, I may need to buy something made for Trek. Meanwhile I was able to use a tiny allen wrench the adjust the kickstand so it's at a better angle.

Put the bike in the shed and locked it with the U-lock.

Took a while to recover.

Gathered all my meds and the USB drive with my medical history. Last slice of bread pudding from the bread pan and I'm off to the heart clinic.

I wore my bandanna in, they gave me a real mask which wasn't much more comfortable. And 5 pages of paperwork. Lots of writing. Took 15 minutes. I would have rather filled it out online.

15 minute wait for the nurse. She took my vitals, and also did an EKG. That was a surprise, but she was very good & quick at it.

5 minutes later the doctor came in. He's pretty good. Asked the usual questions, and the unusual ones too. Most of the usual ones are answered on the paperwork, which was set up in an easy to read format.

He said to keep on my same meds for now, he may replace the Pradaxa with something else later.

Front desk, made an appointment for tomorrow to have my pacemaker "read". And one for next week for a non-treadmill stress test. I remember having one of those in the ER before they checked me into the hospital that first time. No chocolate for 24 hours, no food for 4 hours. 12:30 appointment.

Shopped at nearby Target, mostly looking for an electric screwdriver. They don't carry tools any more - food is more lucrative I guess. Found envelopes which will let me clean up the mess in the guest room. Soda stream diet ginger ale but no diet cola. Half gallons of 2%. Ritz crackers, mint Milanos, no Famous Amos, darn it, ho-hos! but no ding dongs. Lots of walking trying to find things which they don't have.

Home, pretty easy direct route.

Mailbox was filled with junk mail. Jockey catalog.

4 cans of air delivered in the morning while I was working on the bike, 2 terry steering wheel covers from K-mart this evening. UPS message said they were at the back door, but they were at the front door, and nobody rang the bell.

Ordered 4x diet cola & 2x coconut direct from Sodastream.

The hooks I bought at Target to hold the white board didn't work, need to find my stash of Velcro.

Streamed for an hour, had chatters from about 10 minutes in till the end.

Dinner was salad followed by pastrami and swiss on rye. And a pickle spear. Now I'm out of pickles.

Been listening to Las Vegas Fox Sports radio. Much better talent than ESPN Vegas.

Plans for tomorrow:
Doctor appointment
Lowe's or Home Depot for an electric screwdriver
I will probably miss the RPCV Zoom happy hour

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