Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Keeping Pace

So today after breakfast I grabbed the large envelope I'd bought at Target, and put all the papers and such from the last trip to Bangkok in it.A few unrelated items on the floor somehow snuck in as well. The envelope was thickly lined with bubble wrap, which made it a challenge. Also picked up a lot of mangled card stock which was somehow on the floor, and some other trash. So now the guest room floor is no longer a huge mess by the door, and things belonging in the bottom shelf of the first bookcase are there.

Lots more to do in the guest bedroom, later.

Used Velcro to attach the whiteboard to the wall in the front room.

Kind bar for lunch, then off to the cardiologist. Arrived half an hour early, waited in the main lobby until 15 minutes before. Checked in, the pacemaker tech showed up a little before 1, and we went back into her office where she downloaded data and ran some exercises on my heart. She said all is well, and made an appointment for a year from now. And she will ask Boston Scientific to transfer their records to her. She is a very pleasant and skilled tech, and her office walls bear many of her children's early art work. The kids are almost grown now.

Next stop, Home Depot. There apparently is no such thing anymore as an electric screwdriver with a removable, rechargeable battery. On to Lowe's, same thing. I bought one which charges on USB but I think it's going back. DeWalt makes one, it's hideously expensive and the Lowe's web site says it's in stock but they lie.

Home just in time for the RPCV Zoom happy hour. Nibbled on pastrami. I stayed an hour, wanted to check on storm chasers. Three of them were out, one found a hailstorm.

The whiteboard fell off the wall. Velcro did not stick to the wall. I'll have to use picture hangers with those tiny nails, I guess. I have some in the guest room closet.

Tivo, NFL Live has a serious tech problem. Lots of transmission errors. I thought it might be the Tivo, but TMZ played fine. It still might be the Tivo, I am tempted to swap it out for the Cox "Contour" box which comes with my account. It's on a shelf in the shed. The newer Tivo boxes are a FAIL, I've tried the Bolt twice. And expensive both to buy and to subscribe. I have a lifetime subscription on the one I have, but they don't offer that anymore. Oh wait, they do. $600. So $1k for the box & unlimited subscription. $150 a year otherwise. $600 = 4 years.

I think I'll try the Cox box first.

Filled all the SodaStream bottles. Two diet ginger ale, two diet cola, one pina colada, three plain soda water. I can't believe I drank all that in a few days.

Mac & cheese for dinner. No meat. Also need to buy some spices. I was so used to picking them from my garden. Thyme especially. I have some oregano, need to grind some pepper, I have a little dill seed. No basil. Do I have minced garlic? I don't remember. Nope. Somehow my pepper mill is missing and my little jar of red pepper flakes.

Streamed for an hour, two active chatters.

Delivered: cat treats, shed lights, Ester C. They didn't ring the bell.

Plans for tomorrow:
Dump the two open boxes on the guest room floor and redistribute the contents. Many equipment boxes to flatten and recycle. A couple with things in them to go to Goodwill? Or recycle.
Masked Singer 
Install the lights in the shed
Try to install the bike lights
Check into getting a car charger installed

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