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Spices, storm chasers, boxes, nails, Spook's new friend

Slipped down the rabbit hole again this morning but was out of bed by 9:30. Google turns out all the lights at 9:15 otherwise I would have stayed on the tablet longer.

Email and FB taken care of, nobody on Twitch, but somehow I didn't get into the car till about 12:30.** Albertson's. First thing on my shopping list was a comb. Not as easy to find as it should have been. Albertson's keeps all the beauty equipment in a special section of the store with the booze and the OTC drugs. You have to pay for what you get at the exit to the section. Since I was there I also got a bottle of cheap sherry (for cooking).

Then to the produce dept, got some packages of sort of fresh oregano, thyme and dill weed. Then to the other end of the store for bottled spices: oregano, thyme, dill and flaked red pepper. And Thai basil. Maybe also sweet basil but maybe not - it was expensive. Sadly they had no basil plants. Bananas, since they had green ones, marinated artichoke hearts (I'm down to my second to last jar), pickle spears, then back to produce and found the minced garlic under the fresh garlic. Also got a red onion and a yellow onion.

Checkout was slow because the woman two people ahead of me couldn't find her food stamp card, or maybe couldn't find the card to pay for what food stamps don't cover. The man ahead of me also had green bananas and minced garlic.

Home, it was only about 89° outside. Inside it was 80, the aircon was too loud and expensive so I set the thermostat for 82. Trying to get acclimated. Spook spends a lot of time at floor level. She's in front of the front screen door right now, it's down to 78 outside. Somehow a small newt snuck inside, she played with it until I figured out what it was and put it outside.

Took out the box cutter and opened all the remaining boxes in the guest room. Did not find either the Sonos speaker or the electric screwdriver. Most of the boxes were, as expected, books and photo albums which will go on the bookcase. One box was from the top of the bookcases. I did not dump the two boxes of boxes. Maybe tomorrow.

Two storm chasers were in Louisiana, one found a storm the other got delayed waaaay behind a double fatality accident which turned one car to a twisted ball of metal.

Ran two dishwasher loads. The bread pudding pans came out spotless. So did the popcorn bowl.

Lunch was a salad followed by a can of sardines. I do not remember liking those as much as I now do. Good thing I have a whole stack of cans.

Watched NFL Live, the Tivo reboot may have helped, minimal glitches. Andy Cohen had my heart throb Kristen Chenoweth and one of the prettier Real Housewives. Turns out Kristen is a Bravo fangirl. Her new young BF has serial killer eyes. Summer House is a 3-hour finale special which is paused after the first hour, so I did not get to Masked Singer.

Dinner was a salad, I had sliced a red onion on the mandolin, this time it came out the right thickness. Last time it was so thin it was almost liquid. And a sweet & sour chicken steamer bowl. Lamyay for dessert. I bought a lot more than I thought.

Wanted to make hard sauce for the bread pudding, but don't have enough powdered sugar. Kicking myself because they had plenty at the supermarket.

The Governor said it was okay for nail salons and barber shops to open tomorrow, and there's a nice looking nail place next to Albertson's with a pretty web page, taking online appointment requests. They called back this evening and I have a date for tomorrow 12:30. I can pick up powdered sugar after.

Oh, now I remember. Before going to the store, I called an electrical company and talked to them about a home car charger. Bottom line is I have to buy one, they will install it. So I ordered one on Amazon for $600, the installation will be another $600. Charger due in a week, will call when it gets here to arrange installation.

Did not install the lights in the shed.

Delivered were the path lights from Home depot (they rang the bell) and 1/3 of the soda stream order (no bell ringing).

Plans for tomorrow:
Nail appointment
Powdered sugar
Shed lights?
Dump the big boxes?


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