Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Nails WIN, Sugar WIN, Tivo FAIL, Cox cable harder FAIL

Cooler this morning but heated up fast. Official high was 100.

Up with the alarm at 7:30, which meant I had a lot of time to waste before my 12:30 nail appointment.  I put 2 of the 3 lights in the shed yesterday, but one did not have an adhesive back and the 3rd one's battery lid broke. I spent some time trying to fix that but it is a lost cause.

Finished watching Summer House and the reunion. The final episode was a pool party with lots of eye candy. The reunion was a Zoom meeting, and the women looked great. The men didn't even try. After Andy's Q&A, I'm more confused than ever about who did what with whom.

Manicure was a surprise - a big man did the honors. His license was on the wall behind him and all the women were working on pedicures. The place was at capacity, and people came in from time to time to make appointments. It sounded like they were booked till Wednesday (closed Sunday). He did a good job, but I'd rather hold hands with a woman. He said he was a recent refugee from LA.

They had a simple plexiglass piece between the two of us, 3 feet high, with an opening at the bottom all the way across and about 6 inches high. We both wore masks, which was stupid with that shield n place, he wore a glove on the hand that touched me, but not on the one he held the dremel in. Hand washing for me before, twice during and once after, which is normal.

Only $30 for a complete set, which is a bargain, so he got a $10 tip instead of $5.

As usual when my acrylic is all gone, the tips of all my fingers are press-on nails, trimmed to fit.

Next door to Albertson's, got powdered sugar, rum extract, mint extract, allspice for the hard sauce. And also got a couple of streamer bowls and an 8-piece fried chicken assortment from the deli.
Could not find a steak which wasn't ikn a "value pack" so got two pairs of lamb chops instead.

Home, admired my Jenga empty box collection.

And Spook found a whole new way to be uncomfortable:

I don't get her at all these days.

Made hard sauce with the 1 cup of powdered sugar I had on hand, and used rum instead of extract. Tested it on a piece of bread pudding. Meh.

Hungry, ate some deli chicken and watched Masked Singer. Those idiots kept the Frog, who is not a singer, just an entertainer, and voted off the second best singer, Kitty,  who turned out to be a very sexy 19-year-old opera phenom named jackie evancho. Youngest platinum record earner at 10.

Tivo has started playing ads before each recorded program, mostly promos, and it's awkward - they start with a gray on black splash screen and it takes a few seconds for the ad to begin playing. Hitting FF gets you past it. And now every 5 lines in the channel guide is an ad for some for-pay streaming app. FAIL.

So I went out to the shed, grabbed the Cox Cable box and installed it. Paired the remote, but the mic function errored out. Tried to record a show, and it said I needed a DVR subscription. WTF? The DVR is advertised as capable of recording 6 shows at a time. Online, chat support dweeb said if you want to record it's another $30 a month.  When I said I would go back to tivo she tried to sell me an home security service. So much FAIL.

So the Tivo is back in place. Grumble.

Forgot to marinate the lamb chops, so dinner was a salad and more deli chicken. Lamyay for dessert. One more serving left.

Nothing delivered. Mailman was at the mailboxes when I was on my way home so did not pick up the mail. Informed Delivery says there's nothing important there.

Still no tax refund or plague $$. But all the stocks I bought a month ago have increase in price.

Streamed for an hour, had chatters the whole time, including one of the most popular streamers. One person from London and someone from Germany popped in just as I was signing off.

Plans for tomorrow:
Bag the empty boxes
Dump the remaining box of boxes
Take out the trash and late evening wheel the bins to the curb

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