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Lamb Chops WIN

Since it was Sunday, I stayed in bed till 11:30. Mostly reading on the tablet but also fixing my Google Home wake-up routine to play a big band station on all 3 speakers at 40% volume. Somehow it only increased the volume on the one the in the bathroom. And there was email to read on my phone.

Hgl was high, no surprise since the bedtime dose had worn off. BP was okay. Banana and egg became brunch.

Poured sherry into a glass baking pan, added the lamb chops, oregano, thyme, Thai basil and mint extract. Covered and shook to mix. Flipped them about 3 hours later.

Three streamers to follow, I mostly followed the ones in a boat on nearby Lake Mead, drowning bait. There was one storm chaser and one local streamer playing a very boring video game.

The movers had piled all the tall things from the laundry room against the roll-top desk in the front room, so I couldn't see behind the desk - I think there may be a switch for the hall light back there. So I shifted all the things, and discovered three framed photos (big ones) which had been on the wall in the bedroom and behind the book cases in the guest room. Spook liked to sit in front of the one of the elephant. Funny, I can't find a picture.

Anyhow, the professionally framed photo of me in Camelot  taken by dear friend Michael Ziegler and gifted to me by my youngest sister is now hanging in the bedroom. There was already a hook in just the right place. Needed to bang in a hook in the front room for the elephant, and in the livingroom for a photo of a Thai provincial princess taken at a parade somewhere up north.

Also managed to stick hooks onto the wall in the front room and hang the whiteboard. Adhesive strips on the backs of the hooks worked better than I thought they would.

There is a set of framed Thai temple rubbings on the rack in the guest room which have not been on a wall in 7 or 9 years, there is a perfect place in the livingroom on both sides of the bay windows. I need to buy more hooks. Have to check the backs to see how they mount.

Thanks to susandennis for the heads-up, I called Tivo and they will remove the ads (including the obnoxious ones in the Guide list) within 3 business days. Yay. Saves me from doing a rollback which is complex & tedious.

The price has finally come down from obscene to only slightly gouging, so I ordered a good Logitech web cam to replace my cheap Creative Labs one.

I think it's also time to swap my wireless Thai/English keyboard for English only. It's not transmitting all the keys I hit, and I use cut and paste from Google translate and Thai2English all the time anyway. Google has an on-screen Thai keyboard.

Streamed for an hour, four chatters active the whole time. Two from the UK. One from TX. I think the other was from Germany.

Made a salad, then put the cast iron pan on the stove, heated up some olive oil, and seared the two lamb chops then cooked for 7 minutes, flipped, poured off the excess liquid and then cooked for another 3. Ate one - it was excellent. Put the other in a zip bag with some of the marinade for a time and day yet to be determined.
Dessert will not happen as it is tomorrow already.

Survived the Hallmark holiday with only minor bruises on my mouse finger. Such a flood of posts on FB. I resisted the temptation.

Carried the recycleds to the bin then gathered all the trash and tossed it in the other bin. Moved the car and rolled the bins to the curb. Spook watched all this through the carport screen door.

Drove to the mailbox, all that was in it was an AARP magazine and a begging letter from Mark Kelley's campaign. Both went into the trash. I adore Kelley, he is running for US Senator from AZ, and I donated $50 as soon as my house sale money arrived. Ever since, they have bombarded me with a steady stream of email and snail mail, ignoring the CANSPAM act entirely. I did the same for Valerie Plame, who is running for congress from NM (she's the CIA agent Trump outed) and after one thank you email that's the last they sent.

Home, Spook bolted from the door as soon as I got onto the stairs.

Plans for tomorrow:
Daily drive home - need to check the time on Discord
Great Clips appears to be taking reservations. I need a haircut. Look into that.
No chocolate or caffeine after 12:30 pm
Maybe stream for half an hour. Maybe start early.
BASFA Zoom meeting

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