Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Garbage Day Happy Ending

Not a very exciting day. Did the laundry - shirts - but won't use the dryer till morning when it cools down some. Plugged in the car, it should be charged by morning. Boxed up the Cox cable box and put it back in the shed. Meanwhile, Tivo is no longer playing ads in front of recordings. Yay!

Chatting with streamers, lots of dropped characters. Last night I ordered a new keyboard and mouse. Took me till 3 am, so many choices from so many stores. Microsoft no longer makes the one I like best.

I thought about going to Great Clips but decided it's too soon.

Walmart reminded me my insulin prescription refill is due, I texted ok to refill, it's ready to pick up a day sooner than expected.

Utah rock hound was out fishing by his cabin. No storm chasers were out. The daily drive home was on time but a much shorter route. Apparently he was working closer to home today.

Tivo had TMZ, NFL Live and a 90 Day Fiancé which blew my socks off. Rose walked out on Ed forever. She will find someone better to save her from the slums and her crazy dad's pig farm. Avery had a 1-on-1 with Ash's ex, and what she found out would make any intelligent, caring woman call it off. Geoffrey proposed to Varya, she said "not now" which he misinterpreted as "it's over". He doesn't get it that she just needs time. But as I've said before I doubt he as an ex-con drug dealer can get her a visa anyway. They didn't show Lisa and Usman until the "coming soon" snippet, where she yells at him for chasing whores and ends it. Maybe. She keeps coming back, she knows she couldn't find a sexier guy anywhere. There was a short snippet of Darcy which I did not need to see. But what really shocked me is David flew back to Ukraine, Friday Lana texted him that she had a nephew's hockey games to go to so she could not meet him until Monday. He set a time (11 am) and a place, put on his horrid black leather trenchcoat and a gold jacket,  and went to wait for her. 10 minutes pass, and just as we are ready to give up she actually shows up, and it's the girl in the photos. DDG. Big hug from her. After 7 years and standing him up about 6 times. I was hoping for an old Nigerian man. But I think she is still a scammer. Men pay by the minute to chat with her on 8 sites.

Jerry Stiller died. 92 years old. I loved his early comedy bits with his wife, but too bad they gave us Ben, and pulled the strings to get his no-talent ass on way too many awful movies.

I chopped off a lot of my beard. Could not find the piece for the clipper which adjusts the length of the cut.

Spook has this thing where when I'm on the pot she goes into the shower and makes herself comfortable.

Reminder call from the heart clinic. No caffeine/chocolate after12:30, no food tomorrow after 8:30. Take all my meds except for the a-fib one. I'll also skip the diuretic.

Jockey briefs have had it, ordered a 3-week supply of Hanes.

Took the Thai temple rubbings out of the guest room and confirmed they will fit alongside the bay windows. Ordered the right hooks for their sawtooth hangers.

Streamed half an hour early, the Vegas dog rescue lady chatted for the whole session, but two others said hi and left.

Joined the BASFA Zoom meeting at 7:55, it started late and ended early. A couple of attendees couldn't figure out how to make their mikes not feed back.

Made a salad, and heated up the second lamb chop.Yum! I need greens and garbanzo beans. Bread pudding with hard sauce for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:
Unplug the car
Run the dryer
Leave for the clinic around noon.
Walmart on the way home

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