Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

The Nuclear Option

Up at 8, too late for an 8:30 breakfast. But that was the plan. No food for 4 hours before the appointment. Water only. But also 3 hours to kill. Ran through my usual morning online stuff, Popsrockz was out fishing at a scenic lake in Utah.

Opened the box with the path lights, stumbled on the way to twist off the tops to get to the pull tab which enabled the battery. Outside, pounded a pair of stakes in on both sides of the driveway, then put the stems on the lights and pushed the stems into the stakes. They don't quite line up with the road, but close enough. Same routine for both sides of the front ramp, but pounded one of the stakes too hard and the stem does not go in all the way. I'll fix that tomorrow.

Unloaded the dryer.

11:45, in the car ready to go to the clinic, but then back inside the house to grab the water bottle from the freezer.**

Somehow was half an hour early, waited in the air conditioned car for 15 minutes, then inside. Checked in, the receptionist let "nuclear" know I was here but they were on a break and didn't come get me till my appointment time 12:30.

It's a 3-part test. First part is being injected with radioactive stuff. Wait 15 minutes for that to percolate. Then into a chair next to an x-ray scanner. The chair rotates 45° to line up with the scanner and then for 12 minutes it slowly continues to rotate maybe another 10 degrees. And then it comes back to the start point. Part 2, into the stress test room, hooked up to a BP cuff and about 6 EKG wires. Injected with something which dilates the blood vessels and the heart, mimicking the effects of a treadmill run. Did not feel a thing, but occasional BP readings showed it was working, BP dropped a little bit at a time. Injected with the antidote, BP back to normal. All but 2 EKG connectors removed. Part 3 - back in the rotating chair, this time with 2 EKG wires connected. Done, stand up and walk out. Both techs had told me to eat something and ingest caffeine. I needed chocolate.

On to Walmart which was on my way home. Picked up 8 insulin vials, $400. Ouch! Also bought double sided tape for the whiteboard, salad greens, Famous Amos, garbanzo beans, trail mix, ice cream. Couldn't find the chocolate bars. **The water bottle was now half water and half ice. Well played!

Homeward, was in the leftmost turn lane when I saw CVS on the right. They have chocolate bars. Two U turns later and I was there.

Home,a little wobbly but managed to get all the things inside including the water bottle. Put stuff away, then sat down and finished the last 1/4 of a tub of chocolate ice cream. Mission accomplished. Also scarfed some trail mix.

It only took one double layer of double sided tape to de-bounce the white board. Spook yelled at me, she doesn't like me messing with things in her room. Unloaded the dryer and dumped the shirts on the bed. I'll put them back in the basket and deal with hanging them up tomorrow.

Tuned into Twitch, "iamreallyimportant" was doing a very good rundown on today's elections, there were a few. He gave me a shout-out (He visited my stream the other night).

Created a bunch of stream backgrounds from my Angkor Wat photos.

I streamed for an hour, no chatters till a last minute troll. Not my pet troll, some stranger. Banned and reported him.

Back to iamreallyimportant for a while. Then Tivo - Unsolved Mysteries was a 2-hour FAIL, I quit when they went all-UFO old theories. Below Deck Sailing had a great bunch of guests but the chief stew was too busy boinking and suckfacing the chef to do her job. And she is in total denial. "The guests are happy, I must be doing my job well". No, stupid nympho, your two underlings are doing your job well. Captain is finally telling chief stew to stop with the PDAs - next week. TMZ lost its skip-commercials markers. NFL Live can wait. Kardashians can wait too.

Just back from the loo, Spook walked into the shower and started grooming herself. :-)

Beef pot pie for dinner, assorted fruit and whipped cream for dessert. Egg cream and mint milano chaser.

Plans for tomorrow:
Be lazy
Hang up shirts
Maybe iron the cotton ones
fix the path light
Storm chasers say they will be out

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