Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Delivery WTF, Electrcian WIN

As planned stayed in bed till noon. Breakfast for lunch. UPS delivered the car charger. They did not ring the bell, preferring to bang on the metal door. And the 30 lb package was left blocking the door. The door opens out - don't dump packages in front of it, jerks. And I cannot hear you bang on the door but I can hear the bell. I have different tunes programmed into the front and back door bells. Also,  my UPS preferences asks to leave packages on the front porch, which has a ramp up to it, so you don't have to squeeze by my car to drop off the package.

Another delivery later, same shit. But it was a small package so not a huge problem pushing it with the door. Inside the package was a wireless mouse I'd ordered which was suppose to have a unify mark and usb stick. Nope, old fashioned Logitech wireless. Boo hiss. Ordered a replacement.

That BUMP in the night? That was the white board falling off the wall. Ordered nail-in hangers for it. The adhesive ones didn't cut it.

1 pm, called DeadOn Electrical and asked for an appointment to install the charger. He seemed disappointed that they can't get to it until tomorrow morning. I'm thrilled. But I can't sleep in tomorrow.

Toilet clogged up again. Major snake action 2x to clear it. That'll be my next cashectomy I think.

Lots of streamers to follow. One prolific chatter up in Bothell, WA on my stream.

Went online and found the parts for the fridge handle, and the three pieces came to > $100. So I put my engineering hat on, and figured out how to fix it myself. It was pretty easy once I saw how to slide the cover off the screws. It's working fine now.

Dinner was a salad and some roast duck on sourdough rye. Mango coconut ice cream until I remembered what "habanero" meant. Now I know why the carton was $2 less than most of the others. in the sink pending disposal. Butter pecan to the rescue.

Vanderpump Rules was very sexy with two pool parties. Andy Cohen had two of the cast couples on. TMZ once again lost its commercial skip markers halfway through. I should restart the Tivo now that the ads are gone.

My buddy George invited me to a Zoom party for his dad's 90th next week. Dad and mom are also theater friends. George is in Baltimore, Dad is in Ashland, OR, siblings are in CO and CA and VA. Should be fun.

Plans for tomorrow:
Car charger install
Maybe check out the water fight at the clubhouse
There may be an RPCV zoom meeting

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