Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Shelter in Places

Checking email after breakfast, Hanes sent a 20% of offer, but I have not received the briefs I ordered from them May 11. Looked up the order, tracking said it has been sitting in a USPS box since the 15th. No notification from USPS.

I hopped in the car, and sure enough there was a key in my mailbox to a parcel box, and the package was in there.

While I was out I decided to catch up on my Albertson's shopping. The place was busy for a weekday morning. Some great eye candy. Got everything on my list, and some items like steak sauce and sweetened condensed milk which I did not have. $100 or so. Almost everything I bought was on sale with the club card.

Home, put stuff away which needed freezer or fridge space, and left the rest for later because:

11 am zoom birthday party for my friend Lawrence, turning 90 today. He and his wife Virginia virtually adopted me when I was in The Wizard of Oz with her and their son George. When they moved to Ashland, OR I was a guest at their house several times when George drove us down there. But I have not seen them in years. It was great to see all the family again, scattered to the winds, and surprising to hear from people who knew him long before I did. 90 minutes of fun. Lawrence used to like showing me his DOS Apple IIG. He says it's in the dump now.

A small break for Tivo and then the daily drive home.

I see I forgot yesterday to say why I called my Israeli sister. Her house burned down. Burning palm fronds from a neighbor's yard landed on her roof. The house has been condemned and she has a month to destroy it. But she says most of the contents are okay, so she is working on getting permission to go in and rescue things. At least two of her sons can do the heavy lifting. We used WhatsApp video call. She looks like an older version of herself. I think it has been 10 years since I've seen her. No insurance. No hope for any kind of gov't assistance because she has a pension and survivor's benefits (her husband died a couple of years ago).

Almost went for a haircut, but got distracted.

Took down my American flag. The mount is on the front corner by my office and it makes a racket when the wind blows. 35 mph gusts today. I may move it to the other side of the house.

Took a nap at 4, up at 7:30. Streamed a bit later than usual. Had some chatters on the whole session.

No lunch. Nibbled on trail mix. Chicken teriaki bowl for dinner. Strawberries & cream for dessert.

TMZ and Below Deck Sailing Yacht on Tivo.

The disposal appears to be leaking.

Plans for tomorrow:
Cardiologist at 1
Maybe hear from a plumber (I sent email on their web site). I want to replace the sink with an undivided one and put in a new disposal
Drop off return of too-big briefs at the PO

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