Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Busy busy day. Got all the things done

It helps to get up with the alarm.

Reply from plumber that they are not licensed for mobile homes. Found a company online which specializes in them. Someone will be here between 8 and 9 am. The plan is to have the stupid divided sink replaced with an intelligent single basin, and install a working garbage disposal. I found the leak last night when I reached for a box of plastic zip bags and the wet box came apart in my hand. Dragged my laundry basket over, and pulled a ton of wet stuff out of there and every kind of aerosol from Pledge to Raid. Previous owner had no time to call hazmat.

Coincidentally, master toilet clogged and my little snake did not clear it. I'll ask for an estimate on that. I think I need a larger capacity toilet, but it may only need a deeper unclogging.

The electric screwdriver was charged so I found a space on the porch to install a bracket, mixed up hummingbird food and hung the feeder. It will probably take a while for the birds to find it.

Off to the cardiologist. He said my heart scan looked good, there was a spot on the lower corner which was anomalous, but I had that happen the last time I had the stress test, and a scope inside my heart and $6,000 later it proved to be nothing. The doctor said it was probably my tummy in the way. He was concerned about the edema in my left leg (so am I) and replaced two of my BP meds with two which address that issue as well as heart and kidney functions. One of them is not on the formulary so he gave me a month's worth from his sample stash just in case. Return in 6 weeks (July Fools Day).

On to the PO. Dropped off the RMA package for the underwear and also a form for the county voter registrar. Turns out that in honor of the voter ID controversy, Nevada's Republican Secretary of State added a line to the form for those of us who don't have a state ID to just give our social security number, and affirm we are over 18, live here and are US citizens. Found it justg in time - it's due tomorrow.

Fired up the Great Clips app, and once I got it to realize I'm not in Palo Alto anymore, I found a p;lace on the way home. It said there was no wait, but there was one person ahead of me so 3 minutes.They have my info in the system and I now am properly shorn.

Walmart next, to drop of the prescriptions. Half an hour to wait, they said, and I was having a low blood sugar thing happening so I bought a Snickers and a Payday and waited in my car. Air conditioner only ate 1% of battery in half an hour. Several other people were waiting in their cars. Back inside, the non-formulary one was out of stock, the other only cost $7.

Home. In the mailbox was the mouse with the unify wireless adapter, except it was DOA. I plugged in the unify adapter for the PC, but it didn't connect. The keyboard did connect. The mouse which came with the old adapter worked fine with the new one but the keyboard stopped working. So I have two adapters in the PC which is not the plan.

The mouse has a lot of lag, and the keyboard iks a FAIL. They lied about it having a caps lock indicator, and the insert key is in a place where it's too easy to hit.   And I'm making even more typos.

So the original is going back in place. And I'll shop for something better.

In my last pair of briefs so did laundry.

Dinner was beef merlot steamer bowl. I hate those little potato bits. Mint chip ice cream with whipped cream and three cherries.

Watched The Masked Singer finale. I am pleased with the final vote. The rapper was kicked to the curb first, the turtle (Jesse McCartney), who has a legit boy band singing voice, was 2nd, and the angel (Kandi Burruss) won with a stellar singing performance and no dancing on her part so they pulled out all the stops providing dancers. Two of the panel guessed all three of the artists behind the masks.

Streamed for an hour, could have gone longer with several chatters.

Plans for tomorrow:
Up early for 8 am plumber
3 pm RPCV Zoom meeting (?)
Look for a better keyboard/mouse combo

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