Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Not much to add

The rest of the day was a rest of a day, pretty much. An episode of Andy Cohen with Daniel Radcliff, TMZ, and a lot of time on the PC with storm chasers seeing lots of lightning and driving through hail-sized hail.

Put the Microsoft kbd & mouse back and ordered a used all-English kbd on eBay. These days a "multimedia kbd" means it has a touch pad (which I hatehatehate) and are meant to be used with a smart TV. Used to mean there was a row of buttons above the function keys for volume, FF, REW, pause, mute.

Lean cuisine lasagna for lunch and spaghetti & meatballs for dinner. Strawberries in whipped cream.

Spook yelled at me when I sat down to start the RPCV Zoom meeting. I have no idea what she wanted. She came over to the PC and rubbed against my leg and then sat under the desk looking up at me. I gave her treats and wet food, nope. I tried to play with her fishing pole toy. No interest.

Nova had a fascinating special on eagles.

Walmart says the new meds will cost $350. Gag. Medicare has this crock called Gap Coverage. It's basically a $5k deductible. Your meds cost a large % of list price until you reach that amount, then  they are dirt cheap. Three months of regular insulin is $1300. I'm gonna smack the next person who says they want Medicare For All. I want Congressional Care for All.

Delivered was another 3 motion sensor closet lights. Put one up in the dark cat food area but it won't turn on.

Plans for tomorrow:
Birkenstocks are due in
Maybe Walmart for that cashectomy med pickup. And I need salad greens.

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