Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Damn it's late

After midnight.

After breakfast, email, facebork and twitch it was off to Walmart again. $350 or so for 90 days of non-formulary pills. Then to the plumbing section where all the chemicals said not to use them in a toilet. But they had a new design plunger especially made for my low-water thrones.

Next, looking for men's briefs, all the shelves were empty.

To the grocery side, found cube facial tissue boxes, windex anti-bacterial all purpose spray,   iceberg salad mix. The electronics area had a couple of no name web cams, nothing worth $$.

Home, first activity was to use the new plunger - it worked! and then use the facilities. Then I put stuff away. Salad and cold cuts for lunch. Tuned into Nancie's FB Live cooking show, she was making wokked veggies.  When she saw me in  the chat she took out the mango corer I had sent her and demonstrated it. She made mango pie wednesday, but I missed the live feed.

Put a motion sensor closet light in the very dark hallway. The two above the cat food station work well.

The new morning drug is working, I'm drinking a lot of soda and making frequent trips to the john.

Birkenstocks were delivered. They are going back - too narrow. :-(

Also delivered were two sharps containers. I need to find out where to deposit my almost full one.

Watched half of Andy Cohen. Real Housewives are boring. TMZ.

No storm chasers today.

Launched the Amazon Fire and watched the first episode of Going Postal. Well done. Looking forward to the second (and final) part.

Plans for tomorrow:
Drive to the Veteran's Memorial Park in Boulder City. They have a fishing pond and a stream. Bringing the Nikon.
Maybe clean up the guest room a bit.

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