Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Accomplished two things. Well, one and 3/4

Up with the alarm, usual morning, then grabbed the Birkenstock box and camera and drove to the UPS store. Just my luck the one couple ahead of me was filling out a complex form to be notarized, and there was only one employee working up front. She seemed to have someone in the back, not dealing with customers. 10 minutes later I was able to drop off the box and get a receipt, and now there were 5 people lined up behind me.

Punched the Veteran's Memorial park into the GPS and headed down Boulder City Hwy. In theory even with only a 75% charge I had enough juice to get there and back, but 10 miles from the destination the road switched from 45 to 55 mph and my battery was being sucked dry. At 50% I did a U turn and went home. Since most of the trip home was 45 mph I had 40% left when I pulled in, but I needed a bathroom immediately. The new diuretic is very effective, I actually lost 4 lbs yesterday and my leg edema has gone down a little.

Plugged the car in, and was alarmed that the app said it would take 6.5 hours when it should have taken 4. I kept checking and getting the same answer until suddenly at 3.5 hours it was done.

Watched many storm chaser streams, two actually found storms to watch.

On Tivo, there was TMZ and an "Alaska Triangle" show claiming there are many prehistoric mammals of Loch Ness Monster size in the biggest lake there. And one bigfoot sighting.

On Amazon Fire, the second half of Going Postal did not disappoint. Phenomenal performances by Claire Foy as Ms. Dearheart, and John Henshaw as the very human and understated engineer Mr. Pony. Foy had played QEII in The Crown and won many awards for it, as well as her role in The Girl in the Spider's Web. The camera loves her, and it's mutual.

4-7 pm napped. Needed it.

I watched about half of The Zoo, until I got disgusted with their addiction to training the animals to make it easier to feed them. They claim to be all about natural environments but they have mostly stopped putting out food for the animals to find.

Streamed for an hour, but no chatters. A few lurkers and two trolls with the same MO.

Nothing delivered. Ordered a Logitech webcam on eBay.

Epic Games advertised on Twitch a free copy of Civilization IV. Many hoops to jump through to get it, but it's running in the background and  looks/sounds very good. May play with it tomorrow.

Lunch: salad and duck with rye bread. Cantaloupe
Dinner: salad and Lean Cuisine spaghetti & meatballs & way too much bread pudding with hard sauce.

Master bathroom rugs are in the dryer. Moved stuff from around the sink. Took out the recycleds.

Plans for tomorrow:
Up on time.
Plumber due at 9
He will re-pipe under the sink and install a new (undivided) sink & new garbage disposal. And install a new ADA toilet.
And slurp about $2k from my credit card.
That will take all day, he said.
So I'll watch storm chasers and play Civilization.
And take out the garbage at night. 

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