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Nothing Day

Up early, Spook was sleeping on the guest bathroom mat by the door. No storm chasers somehow but there were storms.

Sci-fi friend Chris held a zoom meeting, I went to say hi and meet some of his other friends and see his wife and twins.

Mostly spent the early afternoon on FB, my friend Nancie was doing her last cooking live stream of the season, she made a 4-layer cake - and dropped it. Her husband nearly died laughing. It was the highlight of a 2-hour stream.

I snacked on PNB and trail mix.

3 pm no one was playing taps. Someone posted on FB that May 25 is both Towel Day (H2G2) and Star Wars day - the first three SW movies were released on this date. Which got me to wondering where I was on May 25 1977. I know I did not see the movie on opening day. So I got out all my passports and scanned them in, and found the page in question:
And it looks like I was either in Haad Yai or Malaysia. I'm guessing I saw it in 1980 in Seattle when The Empire Strikes Back was released. I'm pretty sure the Cinerama had a deal to see them both back to back.

3:30 Skyped with J for about an hour and a half

7 pm, streamed for 45 minutes. Had a couple of chatters show up late.

Then the BASFA Zoom meeting. I owe them $1 for puns. All these technology fans - so many can't figure out how to set up their camera and mic.

Watched some Misc Tivo. Last night I watched the latest 90 Day Fiance, FFed through half of it because there was a lot of stuff they aired in the teaser. Unfortunately, none of the relationships were resolved except Avery and Ash. Avery flew home knowing she may never see Ash again, but she says she is In Love® and refuses to move on. Meanwhile, a check with the US embassy on Mauritius shows that Ash could qualify for the Diversity Lottery, a program to encourage immigration from countries which have low numbers of people applying for visas. It's free. By getting an Australian passport he's stabbing himself in the back, and scamming Avery.

Lisa was rude to Usman's brothers, and stomped off - her usual tactic. But he keeps chasing after her and calming her down. I can only hope Usman's family will withdraw their permission. I was hoping for finality, but they are going to drag this thing out.

Lana is playing David, pretending to speak no English. And she won't answer the producer's questions about whether David has sent her $$. But she wants that green card - just not as bad as Usman because she knows 8 other guys who will give her one. She is clearly not attracted to him.

Ed is a schmuck, but he owns it, and he apologized to his daughter for not listening to her warnings about trying to find love overseas. He seems to be over it.

Geoff gave in to Vanya's plea to stay with him for 2 weeks, then he brings her to a bar to meet two couples who are his and Mary's friends. Mary shows up, of course. The producers must have bought Vanya a work visa, because a visitor's visa would take a lot longer to get in Russia.

Darcy and her twin sister's breasts probably explode at 30,000 feet. I skipped their segment.

NFL Live only devoted one segment to Dak. There is no news, and won't be till mid-July. They need to get over it.

TMZ was the usual. Andy Cohen had Goldie Hawn on. And her son Oliver made a cameo appearance. Her daughter Kate was on with Oliver a few days ago but not this time. Goldie has been married to Kurt Russell for 47 years, but Kate and Oliver are Bill Hudson's kids. That marriage only lasted 6 years, Bill ran off with Shirley (from Laverne &). 

Final episode of Below Deck Sailing Yacht.  Cruise was almost ruined when chief stew Jenna reported seeing white powder in the nostril of one of the guests. Capt. Glenn was required to investigate, but he did a thorough and amateur search of the guest's bags and bedroom, found nothing and pissed off the guest. The crew chief set up a small sailboat race as a distraction and it worked, along with Adam's amazing food prep.  Adam has a brusque personality, but he's the real deal as a chef. The final after party was fairly mild, Madison looked very sexy and it's a shame she wasn't allowed to find a man in the bar to hook up with. Georgia confessed to Ciara that she was in love with Ciara's boyfriend Paget. WTF? Ciara already knew of course, and didn't care. Ciara is a fiery redhead, Georgia is a plain brunette. No way.

While I was watching, Spook jumped onto the foot rest for brushing and petting. She stayed a long time.

I don't remember lunch but dinner was mac & turkey franks & cheese. Fresh fruit salad for dessert. And chocolate soda.

Delivered was one of 2 packages of Hanes undies.

Still n transit:
Webcam (remove 5/24)
Briefs x 1
half sheet shipping labels
Cat food (small cans, not Sheba hard to open/booby trapped modules)
B complex


Masks (I sent them a note saying they needed to add my house number to the shipping address and they replied with this:
I am sorry for the delay.
Due to the large volume of orders,flights are tight.
The logistics company piled up a lot of parcels ,so the transportation time will be delayed.
Tracking info updating is also relatively slow.
We have contacted logistics company to deliver your order ASAP.
Thank you for your understanding and patience

Plans for tomorrow:
Make an appointment with electrician
1 pm nails


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