Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

How did it get to be this late this early?

Woke up with a start, completely taken by surprise when the lights went on at 7:30. Turned them off and slept for another hour. I had been up till 2 am.

Had some stuff to research and breakfast was at 11:30. Got to the nail salon 15 minutes early - I need to learn to leave later. Nailology LV is a beautiful place - clean, open, stone archways. And this lovely sign:

Waited till 1 pm for my appointment, as expected all the employees are women. I got the youngest one. She did a great job. Prices in LV tend to be $5 less than CA. So more for a tip. It took her a while to understand that I was giving her 3 sessions worth of tips, to make up for the plague closings.

Home, thought about lunch but nibbled instead. Online for the end of the drive home, then a little of the Lake Mead boat fishing until their phone overheated and they had to stop streaming. Two chasers got very close to twisters, but at the last minute the clouds dispersed.

I'd stopped at the mailbox on my way in, and a webcam was in there. Turns out it was the one Amazon said had been lost in the mail. The one I bought on eBay is a better model, same price. I hooked up the Amazon one, it works well, but I'll return it by Saturday as "did not arrive in time".

Meanwhile I used it to stream twice - first time was just a test but several people followed me.

One streamer was talking about Central Park Karen, a racist white woman who was videod by a black man for not having her dog on a leash. She called 911 and reported she was being attacked by an African American. Of course the DA decided not to press charges, but she was fired from her VP job at a big investment company and was encouraged to volunteer to surrender the dog to the rescue place she adopted it from. She was pulling it around by the collar part of its harness, choking it.

I talked about that during my stream. Because my only chatter asked about it.

Got a hankering for steak, and ended up ordering $100 worth of meals from Red Lobster. One was steak & lobster tail. Clam chowder, and I ate 2 of the dozen cheddar biscuits.

Still to be eaten: stuffed mushrooms, another clam chowder, more biscuits, seafood platter, mashed potatoes.

Watched NFL Live, one of two Vanderpumps & TMZ. Below Deck Med is recording now.

Donated $1k to my sister's home rebuild go-fund-me.

Delivered: the second of two packs of briefs, webcam, 24 small cans of cat food. Opened one, Spook licked off the liquid and walked away. We'll see if she makes more progress nocturnally.

Late breaking news, Nevada opens up almost everything this weekend, including pools and movies. Casinos a week later. Not brothels or massage parlors.

Plans for tomorrow:
Look through the family photos for big sister's wedding pix. Hers are toast.
Call Alfonso
Find a primary care Dr.
Try to work on the guest room boxes

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