Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Wed Day

Up every couple of hours last night thanks to not taking meds till 8:30 pm.
Spook jumped on the bed twice to get my attention. 6-ish, 7-ish.

Spent a lot of time on medicare.gov trying to find the find a doctor section, then trying to find a doctor. The first one did not have openings till October, next one didn't take Cigna, last one didn't take Cigna at my desired location but referred me to their main number, which founf me an appointment about 5 miles away end of June. Hard to believe it's the end of May already.

Watched the daily drive home then a texas storm chaser. Ham & sauerkraut on oat nut bread for lunch. And a cake in a cup. They don't come out well up here.

TMZ & Vanderpump Rules.NFL Live

Lots of time watching storm chasing. "imreallyimportant" streamed some Congress debate & vote, then showed the riot in Minneapolis and the protests in LA.

Just as I was wrapping up my stream he "raided"me with 200 viewers. Oy. But to little avail because I have a delayed chat - have to follow and wait 10 minutes. Now that the twerp has been staying away, I will open that back up. We'll see what happens.

Late run (8:30 pm) to Albertson's for bananas & ice cream. Milk, too. Still 98° - it got up to 106 by 3 pm and basically stayed there.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call the electrician.

I've run up $5k in bills, need to lay off on the major stuff for a while.

Pools open this weekend, I hope ours do. Corporate have been jerks about opening back up.


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