Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Feels Later than 11:43

Once again I slept so well the lights coming on and Google Home announcing the time woke me like a slap on the back. Spook meowed at me too. She did the shower cat thing until I went to slide the doors to turn on the water.

She has totally lost interest int the Sheba meat sticks, they are stale now and I threw a big pile of them away. The Purina One wet food isn't being touched hardly at all, so I reordered the Sheba wet food. She never finishes that either, I think I'll start only putting out half a container's worth.

Hanes briefs in my size are not working. Need to try a different style.

Cold cuts for lunch, the rest of the Red Lobster appetizers for dinner. I still have some cheese biscuits though.

Nothing on Tivo, fired up Amazon Prime and watched several episodes of Upload. I'm enjoying it. There is a lot of fine acting, clever special effects, lots of humor. The directing and photography could be better, but it isn't bad. And they find excuses to put hot women on the screen.

Streamed in the afternoon to get my virtual backgrounds sorted, and about a dozen people came in to chat and make trouble, so I reinstated the followers-only mode. Regular 7:30 chat was only lurkers. :-(

Took a break - put on my tevas and drove to the local Target. The web page said they were open till 10, but they were closing at 9 - in 10 minutes. Not a lot of queen bed sheet sets, I found one I liked but it didn't have a price on it, turned out the be $85 so no thanks. Went home empty handed. Took the Niko out of the trunk and put it indoors.

Signed up for SodaStream's postage paid 2-fer box as I am down to my last cartridge. Or I think I am. No, I have one more.

Cut up the cubed beef, pu it (2.5 lbs or so) in the slow cooker, mixed two cans of coconut milk with 1 tbsp of Thai green curry paste, poured that over the beef and set it to cook on low 10 hours.

Washed & dried the bed sheets.

Spook now jumps onto the foot rest by herself, likes being brushed and petted. Still not a lap cat.

Plans for tomorrow:
Ranch 99 for Thai lime leaves and Thai tea - Maybe
Complete the beef with Thai veggies.
Cook up some rice

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