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Late but not too late. Two-fer if I can remember Saturday

Saturday started with a run to Ranch 99 where they had big bags of Ngaw and smaller bags of lamyay. Totally unexpected, I bought one of each. Lots of packages of Thai lime leaves, I bought three. None of the tall cans of Thai tea, they had that brand in tiny bottles for the same price. But also 10-oz cans so I bought 6. Lobster was $10/lb, no thanks. Not a lot of customers, and even though they no longer are requiring masks, almost everyone wore one. Bought some morel mushrooms and a can of each of the ingredients to replace what I was going to put into the curry.**

Home, car was below 55%. But 109° so wait till overnight to charge it.

Checked out the pool, the one nearest me is smaller than the main one and it looked like it had its 8 person limit. I need to get my trunks out & towels and give it a try.

**dumped a package of lime leaves into the curry, put the other two in the freezer. Also added a can of:
Green peas
Cut baby corn
Bamboo shoots
Sliced water chestnut
Cut each mushroom in half and added those. Put the can of straw mushrooms back where it came from

Mixed another tablespoon of curry paste with a can of coconut milk an added that to the slow cooker and left it on the high/4 hour setting for a couple of hours.

Lunch was a lot of Ngaw. Interesting fruit, the amount that's edible is about the size of a grape but it's enclosed in something the size of a golf ball and there's a seed the size of an almond.

Fired up Amazon Fire and watched several episodes of Upload. Still loving it.

Watched the launch of the Dragon. Amazing.

Streamed for an hour, only one real chatter.

Made the bed with an orange microfiber set and left the blue one in the dryer.

Steamed some rice and poured some curry over it. Picked out most of the lime leaves (they are not edible but they add a lot of aroma and flavor)

Rescued quart freezer bags from the laundry basket and ladled curry into 5 of them. Set them aside to cool

Watched a lot of riots on Twitch and YouTubeLive. The police are way too distracted by low-hanging fruit - peaceful protesters - to do anything about the window smashers and looters.

Ordered some items from Amazon Fresh for delivery tomorrow mornng.

Spook started the night on my bed.

Woke up to Shower cat asleep and not liking being woken up. She didn't get out of the shower until I slid the doors to get to the faucet.

Amazon delivered two boxes by their van at about 9. Cat treats and Sheba wet food. I need to see if the shelter wants the Purina One wet food. Or maybe a food bank.

Still lots of protests online, but first the Dragon had docked with the ISS, and I waited for almost 2 hours for the astronauts to slide through the hatch. It was awkward. But amazing. They took off their designer space suits well before docking, which doesn't say much for those suits.

Amazon Fresh showed up at around 11, without the bananas which were the first thing on my list, only one Kind bar instead of the box of 12, and two packets with 2 each HB eggs instead of 6 each. Bananas somehow were still in my cart, and I got a refund for the Kind bars. TP, Pine Sol, OJ all delivered as ordered. Driver was in his personal car.

Salad and 4 Jenny Lee turkey dogs on 2 buns with Dijon mustard and sauerkraut. Blueberries, strawberries and whipped cream dessert. Jenny's dogs are way too salty. Foster farms' are bigger and better.

Put the 5 bags of curry in the freezer.

Ran the dishwasher. It did an excellent job on the slow cooker insert. All the things are put away, the sink is clean and the disposal is plugged in and dishwasher unplugged.

Attended a Zoom meeting by an African-American theater friend who is looking to create an app for people under attack to be able to call for help from friends in their area. He's usually more organized, didn't know how to share his presentation without sharing his whole screen, but he got his points across, and a lot of buy-in from about 40 attendees.

Watched the rest of Upload. I do not like the way it ended. Hope they do another season.

Streamed for 45 minutes, had to ban too many chatters for stupid remarks about the riots. My stream, my rules. But the last half hour was only lurkers so I stopped early.

Tackled a project in the guest room. I had way too many copies of my old calendars, so I pared the collection down to just one of each year, 2011-2019. I have two 2020's on my walls. The pile of extras was heavy, and is now in the recycle bin. In the garbage bin are a couple of welcome mats and small textiles, and after I wheeled the bins out I hauled to the curb a few cat platforms which Spook isn't interested in, a pair of fluorescent bulbs which were supposed to stay in Sunnyvale, an unopened Amazon box containing a cheap toilet snake, and the small microwave which came with the house.

All that cleared some floor space in the guest room. Next project I think will be hauling the spare litterbox to the shed, and flip a coin between putting my music books on the shelves or re-filling the VHS/DVD rack.

Plans for tomorrow:
Electrician visit 10-12 window
BASFA  Zoom meeting. The host county is under curfew, should be interesting
Bring in the bins
90 Day Fiance


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