Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Electric Sheep

Electrician arrived at about 10:30, checked out the circuits and what should have been a $100 repair became $500 because there was no always-hot line under the sink and all the nearby outlets tied to the entire kitchen or the office (dining room) which has a lot of stuff on it. So he pulled a dedicated line from the car charger connection, ran conduit along the wall to a place under the sink and split the outlet so one side was on the dedicated line (dishwasher) and the other was operated with the wall switch (disposal). Took him two hours plus lunch break and a run for supplies.

Not pleased with the expense, but in the end I got what I wanted.

Putting all projects on hold until my tax refund comes through.

My nest egg is now pigeon sized.

Last night I hauled some stuff to the curb for the major items collection, but a lot of things I cleared out of the guest room fit into the recycle and garbage bins. On the curb were three cat toys of the hanging balls variety, one of those platforms with an inverted U brush (none of my cats liked those), a platform for one without the brush - Spook liked to sit on that but she's sick that way. And the little microwave that couldn't which was gifted by the previous owner. And a pair of fluorescent bulbs which the movers were told to leave behind. And the unopened snake. I think I've written all this before.

The bush in front of the house is blooming and growing. Seems it is a type of sage. No smell, but pretty flowers.

Puled a huge weed.

No storms being chased. Daily drive left work early because the riots were getting too close. I watched a few streamers showing protests. Way too much police brutality and militarization. Disgusting. Trump needs to be impeached again.

Watched 90 Day Fiancé, and was shocked by the successful hookups. Usman and Lisa got married and she flew home. She actually behaved herself all day. Against all odds, his brothers did not stop the wedding. David proposed to Lala just before getting on the plane, and she said yes. OMG. Not so surprising because now she has about 8 months to find a better man. Geoff got wrapped around Varya's little finger, he re-proposed and she was thrilled. She is about the same age as his sons, but they liked her. It will be interesting to see if a convicted felon can get a visa for his commie fiancé. Yolanda's daughter hired a private eye to check out "The Williams". He's sure she is being catfished, just on what she has told him. Stephanie sort of comes out to her mother, a very conservative Czech. Mom is not thrilled but she isn't upset either, she said Steph's relationships with boys had been toxic. Darcy is still being followed, and they really need to not give her any screen time. She takes up a lot of it. Big Ed apologizes to his daughter and she forgives him. He's a schmuck, but he has learned from his mistakes and put his priorities back where they should be. Tom is mostly off the map.

Also watched the Below Deck Sailing Yacht reunion. Madison is sooooo hot! Parker is so full of himself. Capt. Glenn left the door open for him to return, but Chris would be a far better choice,
after he rehabs his back. Jenna is in denial, and the low cut gown only shows how little she has to offer. Adam is a putz and proud of it. His dog loves him. Byron hardly got to say a word. Georgia is still frustrated. I'm hoping for an all new stew crew next season, and we know there will be a new chef.

Online, found a nursery which ships, orered two Thai lime plants, basil, mint, catmints and a generic indoor plant.

Plans for tomorrow:
Albertson's for bananas and salad greens
Call CVS - can I drop off my sharps container?
Do something useful in the guest room.
Call the office and ask about irrigation

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