Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Back on schedule

Went to sleep way too late, Spook joined me until the lights went off then she became Shower Cat. It took me a couple of hours to fall asleep.

But up at 7:30 and dressed by 8, the usual breakfast at the usual time.

Watched some NFL Live until I got tired of four people each giving their platitudes about the current unrest. Turned off Tivo but let the recording play, so I can come back to it later.

There was a lot on the PC. Twitch had six storm chasers, all but one found major storms to watch. No tornadoes or hurricanes, but lots of big dark clouds with massive rain curtains.

And one of my political streamers was out at a park in Long Beach where an ad hoc peaceful protest was under way.  He was chatting with participants, and cars passing by were honking horns in support.

And then the crowd from up the street started moving, and he went with it, half an hour to walk to downtown and end in front of city hall. Hundreds of people took a knee and chanted together. Not a cop in sight. After a few minutes the mayor came out, took off his mask and spoke to them. He's Hispanic and young and he gave them his full support. He took comments and questions, and in the end hugged a couple of the protesters and took selfies. It was amazing. The crowd dispersed in record time, streamer had a long walk home. He continued to chat with protesters along the way.

Nibbled a lot, Ritz crackers and shrimp chips, and drank a couple of cans of Thai tea, so no lunch.

Back to Tivo. TMZ and replayed NFL Live. Chris Berman is called Boomer? When did that happen?

Delivered was the English-only Microsoft keyboard. It took a few tries to pair it to the computer, but it's easier. The action is faster and without the Thai lettering the keys are easier to see. I'm still making typos but my fault, not the keyboard's. Old keyboard used to drop the first letter a lot, and capitalize the second letter in some words, like play.

And it's clean!

To do list item done: filled out the form to close my Fastrak account, printed a label and put my two devices in a padded envelope. Need to go to the PO to figure out postage. Maybe tomorrow.

Fremont street opened today, so I set up my stream to show Earthcam's camera view. At first it showed the barricades gone and people going into the "experience", but then the camera shut down and showed the view from yesterday. None of the other webcams in the area were working. Weird. Looks like it is back.

Took a nap at 3, up at 5:30. That got me back on track.

Dinner was pasta shells with green curry beef on top. The shells were overcooked on purpose - that was a FAIL. But the curry was fine. Salad first (getting back into that routine).

Streamed for an hour, two chatters, plenty to chat about.

Was going to organize the plastic bags whose boxes melted when the sink leaked, but I need rubber bands. Ordered some. And a magnifying glass. And bungee cords. And litterbox refills. Started to order prescription driving sunglasses, but I think the prescription I have is for reading glasses.

Plans for tomorrow:
Post Office
Maybe go to the big Sunset Station hotel and see if the buffet is worth trying. Need to bring my player card


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