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Stuff Delivered

Skipped the shower because I didn't do much work yesterday, so now I have toothpaste in my mustache.

Grabbed the packet with the Fastrak sensors and opened the carport door to head for the PO, but almost tripped on a package (ring the bell, dammit!) which contained a SodaStream prepaid mailer. The two empty tanks were on the dryer ready to ship. It took about 5 minutes to figure out how to put the box together, it was one of those deals where once you have done it one time it is intuitive. Okay, done, and taped for good measure. Off to the PO. The box went into the large items receptacle,  but then it was a 20 minute wait in line for the only teller. They have 5 stations, only one of them was personed. After some time a guy came to the pickup window, which helped a little, but the teller was very slow and so were her customers.

There was some eye candy. A tall slender woman with great legs at the side counter filing out change of address forms. A more filled out women whom I think is a celebrity of some sort, making a pair of Spandex shorts and stretch top look very good. Excellent makeup job, too. A young boy in line recognized her, he got a hug and when she came back from her car later with a pile of small packages to put into the mailbox, she handed him a very pretty mask, which he did not put on because he already wasn't using the one he had on. The backs of her thighs were tattooed, the left one said Love, the right one said Lust. In flowery calligraphy style. I looked that up when I got home, but all it showed me was Reddit crap.

TMI: because of the long wait, I didn't make it to the bathroom at home in time, and had to do some laundry because that was my last clean pair of cutoffs.  So I'm going around in underwear and a shirt. Of course as soon as I got into skivvies, the door bell rang. Twice. First time was USPS with a box of plants. The plants were all smaller than described, and the box had been dropped a lot. One of the planters was broken. The second delivery a minute later was UPS, Amazon had UPS drop off a single bottle of red food coloring. I had ordered six other items at the same time, but that was all they delivered today. Sheesh.

Still waiting for:
Rubber bands
Bungee cords
magnifying glass


Wal-Mart :

$39 Glasses
Driving sunglasses (prescription)

Today was middle sister's birthday, I forgot to call her (took a nap instead) but did post an embarrassing photo on Facebook. She continues to send me at least one eCard a month until my 70th. Happens every decade.

Oldest sister is now a great-grandma. Her oldest child's oldest child (I think) had a baby. The number of progeny her kids have cranked out is truly disgusting.

The nap also made me miss the RPCV Singles Zoom meeting. :-(

I un-followed the daily drive home. Seems the man is a die-hard Trump fan. He kept it to himself until yesterday.

Drank Thai tea with sweetened condensed milk all afternoon, no need for lunch. Dinner started with a salad, then three slices of reheated pizza, and half a container of cut ripe papaya in lemon juice. Because half the container had gone bad.

Watched NFL Live until I got tired of the black players and staff whining, and TMZ continued that a bit. Drew Brees had a valid point about disrespecting the flag and the anthem. He should not have to apologize for being a patriot. It's unfortunate that the media encouraged the taking a knee thing at that point in the pre-game. Do it during the coin toss. Or after halftime when the teams return to their benches.

Brees mentioned his grandfathers fighting in WWII. He didn't mention that blacks were not allowed to serve with them. And Japanese-Americans were torn from their homes and businesses and packed off into camps.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe wear cutoffs. They're in the dryer.


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