Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

No Pants Friday

Not planning on going anywhere, all my cutoffs were in the dryer, so I just wore briefs and a shirt. There were deliveries but my porch is screened from the neighbors and it's a long way to the street, which was empty most of he day.

Delivered first was donuts. In honor of donut day I ordered a dozen from Dunkin', and they were here in an hour, just in time to be lunch. I asked for 3 creme, 3 chocolate glazed and 6 plain glazed. They delivered chocolate cake donuts instead of the glazed. I hate cake donuts. I sent a "wrong order" message, and they comped me the whole dozen, not just the three wrong ones. Of course the delivery charge & tip was not refunded. That was about what a dozen would have cost in the store.

Next up was big rubber bands and small bungee cords. Used two of the bungees to keep the bathroom door open. I flaked on the rubber band project - I need to pull all the plastic bags out of the laundry basket and band them together by size.

3-pack of scoop-free litter box cartridges was the final delivery. I may open that box tomorrow, for now it is in the font room. If they deliver it to the carport door it can go straight into the laundry room, but front room to laundry is work.

Magnifying glass was due today but is delayed.

I've had 3 face masks on order for 3 weeks, emailed them to cancel since they have not shipped yet.

I did some more searching for the mask lady, but did not find her.

Posted on FB asking about the security screws holding the prison doors in place, and nobody knew of a tool to remove them. There has to be one. I'll ask at Lowe's tomorrow.

Ate two cans of sardines as a snack at about 4 pm. No more daily drive home. Politics.

Amazon Fire, signed up for the free 7-day CBS All Access trial so I could watch Picard. Too many commercials, always the same ones. They come in suddenly, very amateur. Picard starts with him having dream sequences, but they get tired of that by episode 3. He does way too much apologizing. In a sense he becomes Speaker For The Dead, sort of. There is some very good acting by new players, and there are surprise guest stars as well. They have stolen the idea of a petite, cute killing machine from River in Serenity/Firefly only the actress is not in that good a shape and the routines are all CGI. The villainess in episode 3-4 is a more in-shape version of  Servalan from Blake's 7. Her costumes are also more fashionable. Picard starts each episode with a recap of everything, then the first scene, then credits. They let you skip the recap and credits, but that button doesn't always work. There is also too much buffering. As soon as I'm done with JL, I'll cancel the trial.

Back to Tivo - TMZ was okay, NFL Live was more angst, and they still can't keep from their Lincoln is still dead story - Dak.

Dinner was salad and roast duck and the last of the mint chip ice cream (I have more).

Plans for tomorrow:
Unpack the litterbox cartridges
More Picard
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