Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Big-ass screwdriver, trash can, plant plates at Lowe's; Picard final episodes

Today's adventure was tpo brave the chilly, windy 89° weather and drive to Lowe's by Sunset Station. Bought a 3/4" blade, 8-inch screwdriver like the one I am missing. My theory is the movers used it to disassemble things and never put it back where they found it. Also got a plastic trash bin to replace the steel one which I'm using for recycled stuff.

Some progress in the guest room - carried the extra litter box and the sewing machine to the shed. I think I'm getting rid of my bowling ball, but maybe not. Emptied a box of music books/sheet music which also had about 1/4 of my Howard The Duck comics. Hope to do more tomorrow. Motivation is hard.

Watched the last episodes of Picard. Very preachy toward the end. A lot of the plot was massaged to give Stewart the bully pulpit he wanted. In other words, awkward and did not ring true. The name of the horrible actress IRL is Alison Pill. She's Canadian, a child actress who never really grew up.  Totally unconvincing as a doctor. But that may have been the plan. As for CBS YTotal Access, a bit more buffering than I should have to put up with so I nuked the app as soon as the show was over.

Streamed for an hour, minimal participation by chatters.

Walmart beef strogonoff for dinner. Never again.

No plans for tomorrow. May go to Best Buy ISO a car mount for my phone so I can drive around streaming.

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