Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Who knows where the time goes?

So - more what's app chat with the African woman, As usual I will play along till she asks for $$. 

Two storm chasers were on twitch for a long time.

Did not participate in the black lives matter app zoom meeting - they want more info about me than I'm prepared to release and they want an  NDA signed. What they are building doesn't need secrecy, it needs publicity to prevent corporate types from claiming it was their idea. And I'm not sold on the idea anyway.

Video chat with middle sister

Streamed for an hour, had a couple of participants. Mostly talked to myself.

Did the laundry - whites - but I may go shopping tomorrow. I discovered there are outlet stores not too far from home. These Hanes briefs are even worse than Jockey. I may just change from briefs to something with legs. And a pouch.

Lunch was breakfast because I was waiting for African woman to call but she didn't.

Not much on Tivo. The Zoo had a new exotic gecko hatch and a puffin too. They spent way too much time showing the rhino being treated for allergies. Ugly beast,  they said its horn was missing because she scrapes it against the fence, but no, it was sawed of. The fence wouldn't have squared the edges. Not enough time showing the animals and their spectacular habitats. Too much time in the minutiae of breeding.

TMZ was a rerun. There was no 90 Day Fiance !

Recording a Blair Witch quality documentary on the search for a Russian Yeti.

Took out a lot of recycle stuff but only one bag of garbage. Made a small start on the plastic zip bags project. No progress on the guest room.

Cooked up and bagged 6 servings of steamed rice in the rice cooker.  Dinner was one bag of beef curry and one bag of rice. There is enough left over for half a lunch.

Plugged in the car after 11, as it seems it costs less overnight. Cooler too.

Need to rescue one pair of briefs and the non-briefs white stuff.

Plans for tomorrow:
Shop for better underwear. Start with the outlet stores.
Shop for a dashboard mount for the camera so I can stream my rides Start at Best Buy (?)
empty one guest room box
Move the plastic drawers fro the guest room to the office.
I may need a folding table for that. To replace the TV table.

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